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Friday, June 09, 2006

Leaders can be replaced

Raymond Aubrac

In the spring of 1943, a group of resistance leaders were captured by the Gestapo in Lyon,France. Among them Jean Moulin, the leader of the resistance and his aide, Raymond Aubrac.

While Moulin was later killed by the Gestapo, Aubrac and his wife engineered a clever escape which involved what we now call a carjacking ambush, he and his family then escaped to London.

Raymond Aubrac

French Engineer and Resistance Leader

Born: July 31, 1914 at Lyon

He was born Raymond Samuel to Jewish parents who died in Auschwitz. Samuel was a civil engineer who became Aubrac (also Vallet, Ermelin and Balmont) the Resistance leader.

He began his activity as a founding member of Liberation-sud then joined the staff of General Charles Delestraint's Secret Army in 1943.

Aubrac was arrested by the Milice on March 15, 1943 and released. He was arrested a second time on June 21, 1943 in the company of Jean Moulin, held at Montluc near Lyon, tortured by Klaus Barbie and sentenced to death. Resistance commandos led by his wife Lucie freed him on October 21, 1943. The couple and their first child escaped to London in February 1944.

Aubrac was appointed Commissioner of the Republic in Marseilles in August 1944. He worked for the Ministry of Reconstruction where he was in charge of programs to clear unexploded ordinance until 1948.

Mr. Zarqawi was no Moulin or Aubrac, he was a criminal turned Allah freak and car bomber. He got the martydom he was looking for, but he was always a minor player in the war. The man could barely operate a machine gun. He was a planner, not a leader. The Iraqi resistance probably played a large hand in his demise. He was killing Iraqis freely and without regard, and the tribes were getting sick of him running wild with spoiled Saudi brats. Given their intelligence reach, it is more than likely, they decided to let the US do the job. They get the credit, the US can't exploit it, and the fundies get a message about who really runs things.

One of the hallmarks of the Iraqi resistance has been their relatively high level of military proficiency. Soldiers like to say, when interviewed, that the Iraqis will not stand and fight, but then they discuss how the Iraqis had them pinned down. The use of IED's is a major problem for US forces and a force multiplier for the Iraqis.

This isn't to imply that they're the Black Watch, but compared to Somali militias, the Iraqi resistance is disciplined, well organized and relatively well trained and armed. For one thing, no major resistance leader has been captured. Zarqawi has been the blanket to hide the level and depth of resistance to the occupation.

Think about Haditha for a minute. Someone had to set those charges, someone escaped and knew the community would protect them, and did, with their lives.They didn't know the Marines would kill people, but they were secure in the area.

The idea that Bush would claim Zarqawi's long overdue death as a victory shows how out of touch he is with reality. He was a nuissance, a bloody one, but a speedbump compared to the people really killing Americans, the ones who control the police and reach into the government.

posted by Steve @ 12:02:00 AM

12:02:00 AM

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