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Monday, June 05, 2006

Hate the homos day pt 2: Cavalcade of perverts

Ya'll faggots need to be upstanding like
my family

Ah, on hate the homos day, it's good to remember what kind of upstanding people the GOP is comprised of.

Let's start with the Bush family.

George W: Admitted boozehound and former playboy. Reportedly had a drug and alcohol problem.Rumors of cavorting with Mexican prosititutes and paying for one abortion

George H.W.: Reportedly chased hookers during his oil days. Hired mistress to work in White House

Jeb: Reported estranged from wife, rumors of affairs with several women, including Katharine Harris.

George P.: Arrested for driving on lawn of ex-girlfriend's family

Barbara: Reportedly consorts with homosexuals, reported drug use,arrested for underage drinking

Jenna: Reported drug use, multiple abortions,consorts with homosexuals, public drunkeness.

Doro: Divorced, consorts with homosexuals-dated David Drier for year.

Neilsie: Whoremonger, adulterer, cheated on wife with mother's help. Ex-wife had to threaten blackmail to get divorce settlement

Laura: Reputed marijuana dealer,killed boyfriend while driving

GOP officials

Dick Cheney: Consorts with homosexuals, shot man in hunting accident

Lynne Cheney: Wrote novel praising homosexuality, consorts with homosexuals

Karl Rove: Reportedly has a mistress

Ken Mehlman: Consosrts with homosexuals, when asked about being heterosexual, he refused to discuss it.

Michael Scanlon: Cheated on girlfriend

Newt Gingrich: Filed for divorce from first wife while she was being treated for cancer, divorced second wife while she was being treated for cancer, married third wife who was 29 at the time. Wrote book on christian marriage with second wife.

Robert Ray: former Clinton prosecutor, charged wih stalking girlfriend while he was married.

Bill Bennett: Degenerate gambler, rumored to be client of dominatrix

Rudy Giuliani: Serial adulterer,married third cousin, consorts with homosexuals, paid off first mistress with high paying city job, married second mistress. Told wife of seperation via New York newspapers. Removed security team from children. Introduced mistress on Mother's Day 2000. Called wife "greedy pig" for seeking just settlement.

Claude Allen: Arrested in shoplifting scam, rumored to consort with homosexuals

Jeff Gannon: Manwhore

Randy Cunningham: reportedly held parties where prosititutes were on offer

Dusty Foggo: Reportedly attend prostitute parties

Porter Goss: Also attended parties

Frank Figueroa: Accused of masturbating in front of 16 year old girl

GOP Politicians

Don Sherwood: choked mistress

John Spencer: impregnated staff member while married, accused of bigamy by opponent.

Bob Livingston: Left house under cloud,rumored client of domninatrix

Henry Hyde: had mistress

Joe Scarbough: staffer turns up dead in office

Jack Ryan: tried to force actress wife to have sex in Parisian sex club

Jim West: closeted homosexual. Tried to hire intern for homosexual relations

Rick Perry: rumored to consort with homosexuals

Dan Burton: had illegitimate child with mistress

John Schmitz: former Congressman, serial adulterer and possible insectuous father. Daughter,Mary Kay LeTourneau abandoned four kids and husband to have a sexual affair with a 12 year old boy, whom she was impregnated by and later married.

Bill Thomas: adulterer with lobbyist

David Dreier-Consortswith homosexuals, rumored to be having homosexual sex with chief of staff

posted by Steve @ 4:00:00 PM

4:00:00 PM

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