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Comments by YACCS
Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Gaming at Yearly Kos pt 1


Ok, Jen and I are not going to Yearly Kos.


Because Jen and I would find Vegas so diverting that we would miss all the sessions. Now, if you wanted to find me, I think the Hotel sportsbook, screaming as the US played the Czech Republic, then the roulette wheel and some craps and blackjack would be the place, not debating Democratic Party politics.

Jen, probably at the pool. A few laps, then sunning herself

In fact, you could find us shopping, gambling and lounging

Where you would not find us is engaged in politics.

And since the organizers have been so dilligent and worked so hard, to say we'd show up and then spend the day at the sportsbook would be irresponsible. And that IS where I would spend my day, betting slip in hand, checking the 1 PM east coast races before the US match.

Why? Because it's fun, that's why.

However, some of you might want to partake of gaming, as Vegas calls gambling and I'll assume you're unfamiliar with casinos and the games

OK, for the basics of the games look at How to

It will explain the rules for the slots and table games.

You can google Online Casino and download a computer version of these games to play for free.

Now why gamble?

It's Vegas, it's what people do there.

Now, some people see the lights and the crowds and they flip out, hate the place and run.

But other people find it fun, and it is fun, adult fun with money.

First, when you walk into the casino part of a hotel, and they're both all around the US, you will be hit with bells and lights. That's the slots.

Slot machines come in several varieties, but they are basically computer controlled boxes designed to give a random payout. You put in an as little as a nickel and you pull the lever or push a button. But the appeal of slots is playing alone, in a rhythm.

Then you have video poker. It's poker more or less. Some machines let you play up to 50 hands at a time.

But these games can vacuum money like a Hoover.

Then you have table games, craps, roulette, blackjack and games like let it ride and carribean stud

If you don't recognize a game, it's one of the newfangled house advantage games, like Let it Ride.

I avoid them, because they give money to the casino.

Table games are set apart from the slots and are the traditional example of gaming.

We'll get into the details about the games latter, but I want to talk about the atmosphere of the place.

Casinos are designed to isolate and confuse. Which is how they make their money. They want you to forget about the money and have fun. You can get free drinks, comped for losing money(a free room or food) and have a great time.

But there are some basic rules about casinos that you should keep in mind.

1) It's your money. It's real and you can win it back, but expect to lose it.

2) If you don't like the table, the game, or the casino, walk away. There are many things to do, from seeing shows to buffets to gourmet dining 24/7. Don't feel like you have to gamble to enjoy the city.

3) Learn the rules. You can learn them online or by playing a computer game. But don't be worried about asking the dealer. You can just find a less crowded table to play.

4) All table games have minimum and maximum bets. Depending on the casino, you can bet a as little as $2 or$3 or up to $500. Feel free to bet the minimum.

5) Casinos are safe. Every action of you and the staff are on film everywhere but the bathrooms.

6) You NEVER hand a dealer money, you place it on the table and they will pick it up. They will never hand chips to you, but place it on the table. This is so the cameras can see every transaction.

7) Set strict limits on how much you want to spend and STICK TO IT. You have a $50 limit. Stick to it.

Personally, I would expect to bet between $200 and $300 in a one day, six hour session. Expect to spend four hours gambling per stretch. The time goes fast., so if you want to catch a session, wear a watch, casinos don't have clocks in view. So if you want to gamble over the weekend, I'd try to set a $100 limit and plan to center my day around Yearly Kos and save the gambling for the nights.

If you have the cash, you can spend more, but expect to lose it.

8) My rule is you play as long as you're winning, but when you start to lose, walk away. Be happy coming out ahead. In blackjack, no matter how much I've won, if I lose three hands in a row, I quit

9) You can drink for free in the casino. They will offer you drinks, you tip a dollar.My favorite casino drinks? Water and coke.

If you want to drink, go find a bar or lounge. If you want to gamble, gamble, sober.

10) The goal is not to break the bank, but to have a good time. It's an experience. With a little knowledge, it can be enjoyable. You're in Vegas, like they say, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Oh yeah, enjoy the food, it's pretty good, even at the cheap end.

posted by Steve @ 12:18:00 AM

12:18:00 AM

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