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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A chorus of cowards

You're pro-Saddam

There is one simple fact which the Iranians know, the Iraqis know, and the Americans won't admit until it will be way too late.

This is a war without sacrifice. No one wants to die in Iraq, send their kids to Iraq, and as long as the US is in Iraq, hostages to Iranian fortune, no one is going to do either. We live in a country run by cowards.

The lot of them, Cheney, Bush, Rove, their aides. Not one has ever risked anything for another person. They have never made a sacrifice. They have demanded from others sacrifices they would never dare ask of their own children.

Liberal bashing is an act by cowards who love to sit on the sidelines and do or say nothing. They're good at calling names, but cry when you challenge them. When you ask why they don't enlist, being a pussy is never the answer they use, but it's the one they mean. Conservatives talk big, but do shit. So how many showed up to Yearly Kos to kick ass? Were they afraid of running into recruiters?

Now you have the objectively pro-child murder defenders. Every excuse in the book for what they chortled when Zarqawi was killed for.

I mean, I don't give a shit about the Bush defenders, the daddy love me and save me people. Bush is a failed daddy who can't protect anyone.

And then you read the fucking papers looking for a Bush bounce because he went to Iraq like a sneak thief. They didn't stop killing people there, did they? Bush had to helo into the Green Zone and not drive the world's most dangerous road. And that bastard doesn't even greet the grunts, just the REMF's with the clean uniforms and three squares a day and you're not supposed to notice the difference.

Things are so fucked up, that Rove cutting a deal is of more interest to the Wilsons and their civil suit than anything happened today. Things are much worse than that. What is the day when we hear that the former CIA director shared a hooker with some Russian? Or that the US Marines actually executed children. Or the Taliban overrun some Canadians or Brits? We've got a jackpot coming and it's getting worse every day. And the daddy save me crowd cheers Rove's snitching like it was a victory.

Shit, that's no fucking victory, that's a holding action at best.

We have far more serious problems than Karl Rove and his taunts on patriotism. Let him fucking try it, because the Iranians will ensure chaos to protect themselves. You can't bomb Iran if the Iraqi shia and sunni are ethnic cleansing Baghdad. The war isn't getting better, isn't turning around because there is nothing to turn it around. The government is a collection of militia factions. There is no national unity. There is nothing to say to an Iraqi soldier that makes sense. Dying for corrupt militia leaders is less than inspiring.

When Iraqis say terrorists, no one ever asks them who they mean. I get the feeling they don't mean the resistance. Some mean Sunnis, some mean Shia, some mean us.

What is amazing, to this day, is that the US military still largely operates in the dark about the resistance and it's reach is incredible. Bush snuck into Baghdad because he would have been in danger if he hadn't. Three years into the war. It would be as if the Luftwaffe was still trying to burn London in 1943. They can execute the guy who delivers french fries to a restaurant in the Green Zone, they can make the World Cup a dangerous activity to watch. This is improvment?

The talk of permanent bases is a joke. No, they're serious, but so was Long Bihn and Cam Rahn Bay. I can't imagine a fundamentalist Iraqi government accepting US troops.

The current PM is an Arab Kerensky. He doesn't really control much and he's with the same agenda. At some point, the people with power will want to exercise it. People talk about voting like it's a religion, but who runs Basra? Militias. Militas growing sick of the Brits.

Not that it matters to the keyboard cowards, watching this all happen and attacking strawmen.
They want to be big men without ever risking so much as a meal.

posted by Steve @ 1:43:00 AM

1:43:00 AM

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