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Comments by YACCS
Thursday, June 08, 2006

Anyone game?

Microsoft opens up Vista testing

Microsoft boss Bill Gates

Windows users can now get their hands on a test version of Vista, Microsoft's new operating system.

The software giant is letting anyone download or order a beta, or trial, version of the program.

Those installing Vista will be encouraged to send in feedback about their experiences with the pre-release program.

The final version of Vista for home users is due to be released in January 2007.

Testing teams

Vista is the long-awaited update to Microsoft's widely used Windows operating system.

It is the biggest revamp of the software for five years. It makes numerous changes to the inner workings of Windows to improve, among other things, the way it handles networking and audio.

Those registering for the test version will get two versions of the software - beta 2 and release candidate 1. The beta is available now and the other copy will be released later in 2006.

Microsoft is limiting the numbers of registrations but has not said what when it will stop taking applications.

Before now Microsoft has only let small numbers of Windows developers play around with early editions.

The trial software is also aimed at developers but also includes other technology professionals as well as home users happy with installing software and troubleshooting problems on their PC.

I do have a machine I can run this on. I wonder if anyone is running this?

posted by Steve @ 9:58:00 AM

9:58:00 AM

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