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Comments by YACCS
Monday, June 19, 2006

About this Kos thing

He bites

You know, I sit back, watching the news media and consultants shit their pants over Kos and I have to laugh. They're worried if Warner has too much influence, why they don't like Hillary Clinton, why does he have such influence. They're dragging the party to the Bush-hating far left.

They just don't get it.

Bush-hating? I can introduce you to some widows and Gold Star Mothers who hate Bush with a white hot flame, who are not from the Sheehan and Berg families.

Far left? Uh, Counterpunch is that way.

That's not the issue here. Those are just cheap terms by scared people.

If they had a clue, they would realize that Kos is just the pointman for a lot of extremly unhappy people, and that efforts to diminish him is well, pointless. Because he's not the issue, it's his site, and his site can be replaced. But what's behind that site can't be.

The right and the media were just fucking jealous at Yearly Kos, looking to pull it apart because the peasants have entered the room. How dare they have big parties, they aren't consultants.

No, they're average people who are no longer apathetic and don't like what they see in politics No more bitching to friends, no more whining to the spouse. They can get involved and make a difference. And that's a gift to this democracy. It may not seem it on K Street, but Bush is a petty, Oedipal man, driven to succeed over the bodies of the dead. He will fail, and when he fails, the odds of the 25th Amendment coming into play increases exponentially.

We cannot continue with politics as usual, because it's the politics of denial. We deny the truth about everything around us and act shocked when it doesn't work out. Health care, no problem, Iraq, no problems, dependent on immigrant labor, no we aren't, ship them back. Sex tell them no.

Its a political fantasy world and unless you're in the Tolkien family, those worlds end and end badly. We will be coming to account and it won't be pretty.

So what happens, you have the whiny-ass titty babies like Jake Tapper whining about Media Matters, and the breck girl of the right, Byron York wondering if Kos is on the pad.

Let me send this message to the consultant class right now, the right will miss it. You do not have to worry about Kos, Atrios, Matt Stoller or anyone else, certainly not me. We are not your problem. It's enough to control what's posted to our blogs on a daily basis.

Our readers, otoh, are a different story. They hate you, they would like nothing better than to drive you from business and into penury. They would hunt you down like dogs and seize your homes. They blame you for ruining America. Bloggers are just conduits for the feelings of lots of people. You confuse the two at your peril. Anyone who thinks our readers are docile slaves, well, they're nuts. They can challenge us like it was a sport. Parse our words like lawyers. And you can never tell what will drive someone nuts.

Piss them off and you've got a problem. We know, we've all done it. Kos has been the scene of nasty fights, same with most sites. Our readers hold us accountable in a way which would make Jake Tapper cry.

It was the readers who propelled the Lamont bid, not the blogs. At best, we're pointmen for a lot of ordinary people. People forget that at their peril.

posted by Steve @ 8:03:00 AM

8:03:00 AM

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