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Comments by YACCS
Friday, May 26, 2006

Your identity papers, sir

Let me see your papers,
yap, yap

Gene therapy

Mike sez DNA cards would aid immigs


Launching himself into the immigration debate, Mayor Bloomberg offered a radical Big Brother-style plan: Give every legal worker a fraud-proof identification card - sealed with a person's DNA or fingerprints.

In a column published in The Wall Street Journal and on two national news shows yesterday, Bloomberg called for the creation of a federal database that would allow employers to verify the immigration status of job applicants.

Companies that continue to hire undocumented workers would be hit with stiff penalties.

"The key to all of this is enforce the laws that are on the books," Bloomberg said yesterday on Fox News. "The law says you can't employ undocumented [workers], so don't let them employ undocumented [workers]."

Bloomberg's immigration plan also envisioned creating extra visas for professional and manual workers - and a formal way for them to eventually get permanent legal status by paying back taxes.

This is the second time this year Bloomberg has forcefully injected himself onto the national stage on a domestic issue.

His aggressive war on illegal guns has seen him conduct a sting on Southern gun dealers; appear at the Capitol with Sen. Chuck Schumer, and hold a national summit on the gun crisis at Gracie Mansion.

And in his comments yesterday, Bloomberg reiterated his criticism of federal lawmakers who are calling for the deportation of the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants, saying "they are living in a fantasy world."

"You have to wonder what world Congress is living in," he said on CNN. "Talk to any mayor who has to enforce the law and you'll find that none of these things are remotely possible."

As for the national employment cards, Bloomberg acknowledged the Big Brother concerns, but said "everybody's got a PC on their desk with Photoshop that can replicate anything."

I am an American. I don't carry identity papers with DNA on them

Mike Bloomberg should just shut the fuck up. This is a horrible and unconstitutional idea. Maybe he wants to be commissar of New York.

Imagine what this would mean. Every living adult would have to report to a central data bank, have personal data once only taken from people in custody, stored in a massive data base which anyone with access to the police could track you down. What would be the penalties for not having your papers? Arrest? A ticket?

Every minority in America would be stopped regularly and have their papers checked. Welcome to the electronic bantustan. Why? Because it is an employment document and God help you if you have an accent and leave it at home that day. Of if you're walking in the wrong neighborhood and forget it.

Unless Bloomberg sees a massive payday for his company, this idea is pretty damn stupid.

Once you start compliling a database of Americans,there is no limit to the abuses which can occur. Which is why we seperate identity, with a drivers license, and work ID with a social security card. Once you can combine them, all hell breaks loose and your rights are only what the government permits.

Look at the theft of the VA's databse,imagine that at a much more massive scale?

This idea is one of those things which needs to be killed early on.

posted by Steve @ 3:13:00 AM

3:13:00 AM

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