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Monday, May 01, 2006

Stop teaching my kids

We want our kids to be bigots

Lawsuit challenges use of gay-themed storybook

Friday, April 28, 2006; Posted: 10:17 a.m. EDT (14:17 GMT)

BOSTON, Massachusetts (AP) -- Two couples who say a suburban school district undermined their parental rights by giving out and reading storybooks with gay themes without telling them first have filed a federal lawsuit against school officials.

The couples claim the officials broke state law, violated their civil rights, and were trying to teach their children about a lifestyle they consider immoral.

Lexington school superintendent Paul Ash said the schools have no agenda and have done nothing illegal.

Last month, Joseph and Robin Wirthlin objected when a teacher read a storybook about two princes who fall in love to their son's second grade class without notifying them.

David Parker was jailed last year after he refused to leave a school when officials declined to exclude his 6-year-old son from discussions of gay parents. Parker initially complained after his son brought home a "diversity book bag" with a book that depicted a gay family.

Their attorney, Jeffrey Denner, said Lexington violated the rights of privacy and freedom of religion of his clients -- all identified as devout Christians in the lawsuit -- by unilaterally deciding how and when lessons about gay marriage will be taught.

"Parents need to be the ones to determine when it is introduced and how it is introduced," said Parker.


Next up: Some parents sue over "The Snowy Day" being used at story time for daring to imply that uppity Nee-gros have a normal domestic life and like snow. Where the fuck do these cretins come from anyway?

This isn't going to go far in Massachusetts. Gay marriage is legal there. So teaching about gay people should be partof the curriculum,

These people are free to pay for any education they choose if they dislike public school. Homeschooling is also an option.

posted by Steve @ 1:06:00 PM

1:06:00 PM

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