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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sad little rich man

Patrick Kennedy

In D.C., they see him as Tragic Patrick

Poor Patrick.
It's not what people would be expected to say about a rich kid who sailed into a House seat on the strength of his family name.

But in Washington, where politics is both profession and blood sport, Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-R.I.) has long been seen as a figure of sadness.

"Most people feel sorry for him because he's obviously troubled," said a veteran Democratic consultant after the 38-year-old Kennedy announced his return to drug rehab after crashing his car on Capitol Hill.

"He walks around as though he has the weight of the world on his shoulders," the consultant said. "He's had these unfortunate brushes with the law and with addiction. He came to Congress with a tremendous amount of promise, and it hasn't really worked out for him."

Kennedy was just 21 and still a student at Providence College when he was first elected to the Rhode Island Legislature in 1988.


Kennedy's decade in the House has been marked by prodigious fund-raising, occasionally bad behavior (such as shoving an African-American airport security worker) and a tendency to blurt out things he quickly regrets. "I don't need Bush's tax cut," Kennedy shouted to a shocked crowd of young Democrats in 2003. "I have never worked a f-----g day in my life."


Unlike with the Bush family, you can see that this guy is fucked up, and it bothers him. Mayeb it's arrogance, or the train wreck of a family he comes from. But I think he maybe needs to find another line of work. Washington might not be the place for him.

posted by Steve @ 4:42:00 PM

4:42:00 PM

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