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Friday, May 12, 2006

Pedophilia and kidnapping are crimes

Troi Torain: wanted to piss in a little girl's face

Hip-hop jock's sick rap

Power 105 DJ fired after sex threat vs. rival's kid


A popular radio personality was fired yesterday after making a series of shockingly ugly, racist and violent on-air remarks - including a threat to sexually molest the young daughter of a rival deejay.

The comments by Troi Torain - better known to his listeners on top-rated hip-hop station Power 105 (WWPR-FM) as DJ Star - were so over the top that he could be in hot water with the FCC and the Manhattan district attorney's office.

Torain offered listeners $500 to tell him where the daughter of nemesis DJ Envy, of Hot 97, went to school.

"Yes, I disrespect your seed," Torain ranted. "If you didn't hear me, I said I would like to do an R. Kelly on your seed. On your little baby girl."

Torain, 42, described in graphic detail what he meant by the reference to the R&B singer Kelly, who allegedly committed an unnatural act on an underage girl, a stunt captured on a widely circulated video.

Torain, who warned in his diatribe that he carries a gun, also called the wife of DJ Envy, whose real name is Rashawn Casey, a "whore," a "lo mein eater" and far worse anti-Asian slurs.

Casey could not be reached for comment. But his wife, Gia Casey, who appeared at a news conference with several City Council members yesterday, said she's now afraid that her kids could fall prey, if not to Torain, then to a crazed listener.

"I want his job to be yanked from him, and I want Clear Channel to have to be responsible on some level for allowing this to happen," she said. "Because not only have they condoned it, but by condoning it they have promoted it."

Yesterday afternoon, the station suspended him. Hours later, they fired him.

Rondell Conway, associate music editor for Vibe magazine, said Torain's comments are shock radio theater gone amok.

"He is trying to fill the void left by Howard Stern," Conway said. "He wants to show that he'll say anything, no matter how outrageous

Stern? He never threatened to rape a kid, considering he has three daughters, neither have Opie and Anthony or anyone else. That guy has some issues, raping a baby? Please.

Looks like he's gonna get a real-life visit from SVU.

posted by Steve @ 12:14:00 AM

12:14:00 AM

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