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Friday, May 05, 2006

The No Murder Pledge

Hunting for humans is illegal

Some bloggers, mostly right wingers, after being embarassed by the conduct of some of their peers, have created a pledge of Online Integrity. Which, if one is aware of the rules of the internet and common decency, is as useful as a third nipple.

One should not have to be told to be decent.

But if we're going to have pledges, I think we need to pledge not to kill other people. Murder is so destructive and if we all agree not to do it, then we can have a better world. Here is the News Blog's 15 point no murder pledge

  1. You cannot hire a man to kill your wife in a custody dispute. Murder is not a legal option in marital discord
  2. Driving by homes and firing automatic weapons is unacceptable behavior.
  3. Ed Gein is not a role model
  4. Neither is Jeffery Dahmer
  5. You cannot use Saw or Hostel as training films for kidnapping and torturing strangers
  6. Axes are for wood, not virginal coeds
  7. Just because someone steps on your brand new Nikes, you cannot cut their arteries with a boxcutter
  8. Hitchhikers are not deer, you cannot hunt, gut and make jerky of them
  9. Killing someone for insurance fraud is unlikely to work, ask Fred MacMurray
  10. Farms are not disposal areas for meth dealing bikers on the wrong end of a drug deal. And, no, you can't store the hookers you kidnap and strangle there either
  11. Just because you hate your neighbor, you cannot wire C-4 to his engine block, then wait for the explosion. And I know some of you can do just that.Don't.
  12. I know your mother in law is annoying . Feeding her seconal and then letting her drive is STILL MURDER. Sure, your hands are clean, more or less, but your actions led to her death
  13. Even if he has a gun, if you shoot someone in a home invasion, you've committed murder
  14. Even though your wife left you, barging into her parents home, killing everyone inside and driving away is an overreaction.
  15. Just because you own a high powered rifle, doesn't mean you can climb to a roof and start picking people off
Now that people understand the rules, they should follow them.

posted by Steve @ 1:27:00 AM

1:27:00 AM

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