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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Looks like Chancellorsville to me

Stonewall Jackson
"He has lost his left arm;
but I have lost my right arm."-
Robert E. Lee

Shuster: Prosecutor's may have more on Rove

via "Coundtown," with Keith Olbermann. David Shuster tonight talked about more problems for Libby, which possibly could open up a charge for leaking, but a potential blockbuster on Rove. (rough transcript)

Olbermann: And movement in one of the other major scandals' investigations underway in the capital, Scooter Libby denied access to records documenting Ambassador Joseph Wilson's trip to Niger, and a revelation that in July 2003 Libby was warned about the potential damage of outing Valerie Plame's name and identity. The judge also signaling that the prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald's investigation into Karl Rove might be nearing the close, noting that he expects resolution in the foreseeable future of the problem of documents in the case that have been withheld because they touch on Rove, and because he is part of an ongoing investigation.

Video-WMP low res Video-QT

Olbermann:...Scooter Libby's attorney says he was warned about the implication of outing Valerie Plame's name, any idea who warned him or how did this come out in court?

Shuster: It came out from defense attorney's when they're talking about possible evidence that might get introduced to show that Scooter Libby did not intent to leak VP identity.... but it does explain one thing. If this information and if this warning to SL came from the CIA or an official representing the CIA. It does explain why the CIA was so infuriated right from the beginning when it was disclosed right from the beginning when it was disclosed that this information got leaked to reporters and why the criminal referral from the CIA to the justice dept. happened so quickly.

The tea leaves seem to suggests that Karl Rove is going to get indicted and again these are just tealeaves, but first the judge talked about a resolution of Karl Rove coming soon and again remember, Karl Rove testified for the fifth time and he still has not been cleared. And secondly the body language of Patrick Fitzgerald was astounding. He went to such great lengths to try to avoid mentioning Karl Rove or talking about his status. That in of itself seemed to signal something unique....

...all the other attorney's are talking about evidence and there was evidence mentioned today involving documents and memos of, from Karl Rove to another administration official about Valerie Wilson. If they're talking about documents and memos as opposed to the Stephen Hadley email that Karl Rove wrote, in other words, if there are other emails or documents that would suggest that perhaps prosecutors have an even stronger case to suggest that Karl Rove didn't have memory problems, he was willfully trying to avoid remembering certain things to the grand jury, but we'll see pretty soon I think.

FDL's new analysis on PlameGate: Countdown to Ecstacy

Stonewall Jackson was killed by pickets outside Confederate lines near Chancellorsville, VA after what most historians regard as Lee's most brilliant victory. Many believe that Jackson's death led to the defeat at Gettysburg.

Karl Rove created George Bush, the politician. He has been at his side every step of the way. Jackson wasn't nearly as close to Lee as Rove is to Bush. Everything he needed done, Rove did.

Bush needs Rove, but is likely to lose him before the end of the month. And then the fun really begins. The whiff of desperation will grow to August Sanitation strike in New York stink soon. Bush has always needed help and Josh Bolten isn't it.

And Rove also played a large role in Congressional campaigns.

Without him, the GOP will really be hurting.

posted by Steve @ 12:10:00 AM

12:10:00 AM

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