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Saturday, May 20, 2006 momentum

Dejected Lieberman supporters tonight

CT-Sen: Lamont Made the Ballot! Big Time!
by SusanG
Fri May 19, 2006 at 05:53:17 PM PDT

Matt Stoller at MyDD is reporting that Ned Lamont made the ballot - with 33 percent of delegates casting their votes for him. The final count: 492 out of 1,502 went to Lamont (currently, any changes are being asked for, so this count could change slightly). Lamont only needed 15 percent to avoid the need to collect signatures - he got more than twice needed.

As Matt says:

Ned Lamont is CRUSHING Joe Lieberman. Lieberman's expensive tent and lavish support and paid armies of staffers weren't enough. His side is incredibly dejected - their crowd of thunderstick cheerers, who cheered whenever a town went lopsided for Joe, have disbanded and are chatting. The Lieberman supporters aren't even dejected, they are bored.

Lieberman has $5 million of a smear and slime campaign coming. This is a big win. Time to saddle up.

Update: From MyDD:

1509 votes count

Ned Lamont - 505 (33.4%)

Joe Lieberman - 1004 (66.5%)

Look, Schumer and Reid have been pretending for a year that a lot of the anger at Lieberman was restricted to the blogs and the"far left". Ned Lamont came literally from his living room to get a third of the Connecticut Democratic Party to suggest that Joe isn't doing his job. Earlier in the week, Joe and his people were talking up Lamont thinking that he couldn't get up to 15 percent of the vote.

Boy, were they wrong.

Schumer and Reid need to lock down a pledge on Lieberman's part to not run an independent campaign.

Joe's problem was an incredible tone deafness to both concern about the war and social issues. People are tired of his cheap moralizing and Bush appeasement. That poll which had 92 percent of Dems wanting leaders who fight, gives those who oppose Bush an incredible edge. Lieberman can run dirty, if he wants, but he's already got a lot of people turning against him.

This is the last thing the party wanted, a Connecticut primary, but for two years, Lieberman has backstabbed and undercut other Dems with no sanction. He's been the locus of a lot of frustation with the Democratic party and he's acted as if he couldn't be touched. You can bet Richard Blumenthal is kicking himself.

Lieberman was acting scared for no reason before this. Now, he has a reason.

posted by Steve @ 12:13:00 AM

12:13:00 AM

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