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Sunday, May 21, 2006

It's going great

This was sent to Assistant Secretary of Defenese Lawrence DiRita by Operation Yellow Elephant after an exchange of e-mails he had with Knight-Ridder columinst Joseph Galloway
Dear Assistant Secretary DiRita-
Thank you for telling Joe Galloway that military recruiting is going quite well. We'd like to help you publicize this fact. If you can't respond personally, could you please forward this to USAREC? Thank you very much.

We want to help convince the American people that wealthy and well-connected Americans are Supporting Our President to win the Global War on Terrorism in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere by volunteering for military service. USAREC has linked to the Heritage Foundation study claiming that higher-income Americans serve in our military more-or-less proportionately. But nobody believes this. That's why we're looking for just a few specific examples of real people instead.

We've been in Iraq for three years and Afghanistan longer. Certainly the Pentagon can identify at least one enlisted servicemember, or officer at O-5 or below, in at least some of the following categories, who has served in the GWOT in Iraq, Afghanistan, or elsewhere, to help us make the case. [If not, you shouldn't be surprised that many Americans are turning against the military in general, which is very bad, and the war in Iraq in particular.] Enough time has passed for deployments to have been completed; in many cases, these heroic servicemembers have already returned to civilian life. There should be no security concerns about them stepping forward to be honored for their service to our country. Here they are:

One member of the extended Bush clan. Please describe how that person is connected to President Bush.

Anyone closely connected to a Bush Ranger (raised $200,000+) or Bush Pioneer ($100,000-$199,999). Please identify the Bush Ranger or Pioneer and describe the connection.

Anyone closely connected to an Administration non-career (political) appointee, in a position requiring Senate confirmation.

Anyone closely connected to the political establishment of our governing party. [We are aware that a handful of Members of Congress of both parties have adult sons who have served, and have publicized this.] We are focusing not on current Federal officeholders, but the base of civil society that helps our great country function.

Anyone closely connected to neocon think tanks, conservative media (including Fox News), former Heritage Foundation interns inspired to enlist, or anyone else even remotely connected to those elements of civil society that helped convince the American people of the need to go to war against Iraq. [We certainly hope you can identify at least one servicemember in this broadest of categories.]

Here's another question: Please identify the current or former patient on Walter Reed's Ward 57 who is most closely connected to any of the above categories.
If the Heritage Foundation's claims regarding broad-based participation of all parts of our society in military service have any basis in fact, the Pentagon will respond to this e-mail.

I know that you and Secretary Rumsfeld have a tough job to do, and we'd like to help. Thank you.

Karl Olson
Operation Yellow Elephant

Operation Yellow Elephant is a nonpartisan grass roots citizens initiative to Support Our President by encouraging his strongest supporters, if qualified, to consider military service. Because only healthy heterosexuals under 40 are eligible, we are focusing on College and Young Republicans. If a particular patriot is not accepted for enlistment, Your Country Thanks You for stepping forward.

After all, if President Bush cannot convince even his strongest supporters to volunteer, how can he possibly lead our nation, and the international coalition, to a successful outcome of the Global War on Terrorism in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere?

posted by Steve @ 1:05:00 AM

1:05:00 AM

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