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Monday, May 15, 2006

The indictment game

Not you too, they'll let you
stay at the home, they have
pet therapy

Everyone has this odd thing about Karl Rove being indicted, like it's some impossible dream, the beautiful girl in the next dorm turning the study session into an all-night fuck fest or something.

And it anything but.

It isn't even a prediction, but an observation.

I don't vouch for Jason Leopold's batting average, because I don't know him. Nor David Shuster's, by the way.

But I do know one thing: Patrick Fitzgerald plays by the rules, and unless something clears Rove, there is no way he drags this out another five months, sending agents and lawyers about and calling him to a fourth and fifth appearance before a grand jury. That clearly indicates a world of legal trouble for anyone, especially someone so close to the president.

Also, people have to stop seeing defeat in victory. Karl Rove making pruno would be a fair, deserved fate, but if Bush were stupid enough to pardon him, he would stained before history
. He is obsessed with his legacy, his role in history, which is now between Napoleon III and James Buchanan. Do you think a servant like Rove is going to be allowed to risk it. Bar would have fired him as soon as Fitz and his investigators showed up.

Bush reeks of Oedipal issues like no other president. He is surrounded by nurturing women, because his mother is as warm as Angela Lansbury in the Manchurian Candidate and his father a weak philanderer who hired his mistress to work in the White House. Imagine that as your parents? Emotional cripples who either distanced themselves or were cold and withholding and then to fail badly where your father shone on his own merit. Mediocre student, failed pilot, drunk.

Karl Rove's gift was to create a Bush who was the opposite of the mean, hardheaded momma's boy he was. He took his willful ignorance and turned it into a homespun folksiness. He took his refusal to get serious treatment for drug and alcohol issues into a religious conversion. Rove took the spoiled scion of one of America's richest families, with a legitimate employment history shorter than a Mob button man, into an entrpreneur.

It was a clever bit of slight of hand, but then , just as Ricky Jay only has 52 cards in a single deck, Bush only has his character to work with, and it isn't much. In the end, his wilfullness, his refusal to admit error will lead to the greatest failure, not only for him, but his family as well.

Just as it was predictable that Nixon would turn into a paranoid mess and Carter would overmanage and Clinton would cheat, it is predictable that Bush will fail and run from his failure as he has his entire life.

Bush is now in a downward spirial not even Osama could save him from for long. He's got three years of this to go and he doesn't have the character for it. To make his presidency work, he would have grow up, be a man and fire people.

When asked by the Allies why no one stood up to Hitler, Goering said about his fellow Nuremberg defendents "look at these people, they're all yes men, the no men are six feet under."

Well, for Bush, the no men will no longer have anything to do with him. All he has is the second-raters and the fanboys.

When you see, even for a second, that 92 percent of dems are disenchanted with their leadership and it's not for opposing the president, you know a Democratic house is the end of Bush's presidency in name, if not in fact.

Another thing, Diebold is in a fraction of Election Districts, not enough to change statewide votes, Bush used old fashioned voter suppression and arcane election law to squeeze in.

Rove's indictment is less important for the actual legal implications than for the effect it will have on Bush. Josh Bolten is only brilliant inside the beltway. Outside of it, he's the man ensuring Hispanics associate the GOP with race hatred. Unless you're a minority, you have no idea how powerful that is. It has locked in the black vote for the Dems since 1964. The last six weeks may do the same for the Hispanics. Do the Dems deserve it? No, no party does. But you can't vote for people who hate you unless you hate yourself.

Guns and badges, please. More like combat weary kids and desperate immigrants playing .223 tag in the desert. It does not end well, for Bush, the Guard or the GOP.

See, unlike the Iranians, the Mexicans can't set IED's. They can do other things, but that's not one of them. But they can send the Army and Marines back to barracks. They can pass that little drug law they were discussing. For some reason, Republicans think Mexico has no say in immigration and all the brown people will go away.

Bush will be retired in Crawford first.

And without Karl Rove to guide him and the party, set their frames, we're gonna see some real ugly coming up.

posted by Steve @ 2:17:00 AM

2:17:00 AM

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