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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Green-eyed bloggers

Liberal bloggers in their hovel

Some people just can't take other people's success.

Here we have Atrios and Digby going after poor Ana Marie Cox, once known as Wonkette.

They're just jealous that they don't have book contracts and don't get to write for Time, enthralling dental patients across America, After all, after the number of jobs Ms. Cox has had, she should be able to tell what is funny and what isn't.

And I mean, Digby is kinda tired with this defending bloggers nonsense. After all, how many panels has Digby been on. I bet her blog has never even discussed anal sex in detail.

Look at this tired argument:

I did not weigh in yesterday on the all time nobel prize for wankerism, Richard Cohen's masturbatory love letter to himself because well ... I just can't write about all the clubby DC insiders having hissy fits these days or I'd do nothing else. Greg Sargent did a great job of analyzing this battle between the blogosphere and the Smart People Who Are Authorized To Have Opinions. Peter Daou is also covering this brewing battle between the unwashed masses and their betters over at the Daou Report. And Robert Parry has written what I think is a valuable analysis of why the Colbert routine confused the poor little kewl kidz.

I do want to take this opportunity, however, to congratulate our first blogospheric graduate to full fledged membership in the kewl kidz club of America. It warms my heart to see one of our own making it big by trashing lefty bloggers in the pages of Joe Klein's TIME magazine. Our own little Wonkette is all grown up:

The low point in the fake controversy over Stephen Colbert's performance at the White House Correspondents' Association dinner came when Gawker — the cracked mirror by which much of the media views its navel — ran a poll to determine whether, in fact, Colbert's routine was funny. The poll determined that Colbert was an American hero, which may or may not make him funny, but the fact of the poll's existence sure is. Talk about the politicization of comedy. Next we'll get focus groups and image consultants ("Those clown shoes need to be three inches longer if you want to bring in the soccer moms") and Joe Klein will write a book about how no one does improv anymore.

The politicization of comedy. Think about that. If you don't see why that is an amazing statement, especially coming from someone who made her name by being a political humorist (of sorts) then it would probably be best to click over to Jeff Goldstein for some delicious paste and peanut butter sandwiches.

See the bitterness and sniping. Obviously Digby wants to entrall dental patients in Time as well. You can see the green-eyed monster evident in these words. Does Digby work for Colbert's agent. Clearly, Ms. Cox is doing a public service by defending the insiders. You see, by defending them, and critizing the whining of the lefties, she's proving she's moved beyond blogs, she's a published author now.

So what if her book, in Atrios's green-tinged words," Her novel was truly awful, by the way. Really really bad. Truly horrible." Well, at least he read it.

But he's an economist, how can he judge a book? Is he really in a position to say if a book makes The Devil Wore Prada look like Chinua Achebe? I mean, Cox could be the next Zadie Smith by her next novel. I mean she captivated us with her words on Wonkette, even if Jim Wolcott warned her that she must pay attention to her book as she wrote it.

I mean, just because Cox may give the impression that the height of comedy is pretending to be a drunken trollope and play cute before people looking torip her apart, doesn't mean she's wrong. Clearly, people without book contracts clearly do not understand this. See, wriiting a sex novel about Washington, the place most Americans view as a curse, means a natural superiority over bloggers, who just eat cheetos and hold advanced degrees in the law, economics and history.

Cox then says this:

Daou didn't actually make any specific claims as to the comedic value of Colbert's speech, though if he were aiming to write something that would make Saturday night's entertainment funny by comparison, he certainly succeeded.

How droll. And Michael Moore is fat, too. Snap! (Cue the kewl kidz to convulse in manly snorts.) Junior would approve.

Daou was obviously not trying to be funny with his piece. (He didn't mention ass-fucking even once.) But never let that interfere with an opportunity to insult a lefty blogger for being humorless.

And then there is the requisite pulling of the most hysterical comments you can find and using them as an example of how crazy the left wing bloggers really are. It turns out that Ana Marie's husband Chris Lehman didn't find Colbert funny and wrote that Colbert was "shrill and airless" on the Huffington Post garnering a vitriolic response from Colbert fans. I couldn't find the examples Cox used to illustrate this, but no matter. The Colbert lovers were often rude and we know how delicate the DC kewl kid sorority is. (Note to Mr and Mrs Wonkette: don't become sports writers. You want to see rabid fans.....)

She goes on to explain that the unwashed hordes didn't get what they wanted --- an admission from the whole wide world that Colbert was like, totally funny --- so we began to make too much of its "boldness" instead. And that is just naive. We lefty bloggers are nothing if not silly schoolgirls who don't know how the world really works:

Yeah, see, us unwashed lefty bloggers don't go on panels and look stupid.

See, Ms. Cox doesn't like lefty bloggers, because about 70 of us asked her to either be smart or stop providing fodder for the right. I mean there are only so many drunken ass fucking stories one can trade in. And given that after being publicly spanked, she did come around, why isDigby so bitter?Just because Cox is being used as a trojan horse to attack the unwashed bloggers.

What did we ever do for her? Tire of her ass fucking stories and glib idiocy? Not write glowing reviews about a sex book set in America's second least sexiest city (Salt Lake is always first)? Not defend her husband when he ripped into Colbert? How did we sin against Ms. Cox?

But I will make one point in Digby's defense. Ms. Cox seems to have the ability to upset large numbers of people and is shocked when they call her on her bullshit.

Otherwise, Digby and Atrios need to worry about their own book contracts and beltway contacts and stop picking on the former Wonkette. She's a fragile flower, the kind we no longer see, and to attack her without mercy isn't fair. After all, she's a member of the Kool Kids Klub now, and we must respect that.

posted by Steve @ 12:53:00 AM

12:53:00 AM

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