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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Couldn't happen to a nicer person

Author goes from 'Prada' to nada

Lauren Weisberger is said to be struggling on her third book. Her first tale, 'The Devil Wears Prada,' will hit screens this summer.

Anna Wintour nemesis Lauren Weisberger might be ruing the day she ever wished for fame and fortune.

Trying to produce the second of two novels with Simon & Schuster - with which she has a seven-figure deal - Weisberger apparently has a case of writer's block.

Lowdown hears that Vogue editor Wintour's 29-year-old former assistant - whose thinly veiled first novel, "The Devil Wears Prada," lampooned her ex-boss and sold more than a million copies for Doubleday - is in agony over her book-in-progress, which her editor has allegedly advised her to trash.

A Lowdown spy claims: "She actually wrote several chapters, but she was basically told they sucked and she has to start over."

Weisberger, meanwhile, has apparently been trying to put the best face on the situation, telling friends she has yet to begin the novel.

While "The Devil Wears Prada" was a rousing commercial success - scoring the author a $200,000 movie option for a Meryl Streep vehicle that will be released this summer - Weisberger's next novel, "Everyone Worth Knowing," earned declining sales when it was published last year.

Neither Weisberger's agent, Deborah Schneider, nor Simon & Schuster would comment on Weisberger's rumored troubles. But Wintour spokesman Patrick O'Connell couldn't resist gloating.

"Maybe she should get another job as someone's assistant," O'Connell sniped.


Look,Anna Wintour, like a lot of people,is a diva. You know that going in. But Weisberger betrayed all her professional confidences and actually made Wintour, the daughter of a newspaperman, sympathetic. Imagine having this snake noting your every move.

And given her antics, that took some doing.

Now Weisberg has writers block now that she has to be creative.

What I disliked about her book was that she had NO CLUE as to how hard Wintour worked to get and keep her job in a business where men still had the whip hand. What? Was she supposed to get her own column? Then she wrote about her kids and personal life.

You know, Nora Ephron summed up my feelings on this" you can't have writer's block on deadline".

She's earned this.

posted by Steve @ 2:01:00 AM

2:01:00 AM

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