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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Codependent America

So, can you do wheelies in this?

I'm sititng here listening to Motorhead, mainly because I'm sititng here thinking about a couple of books I've recently read, and I promise, Sam, Eric, Markos I will get to your books as well, but right now, those books are running around my head. Not ready to write about them yet, or my recent food adventures with Jen, but there is this other thing which I've been thinking about.

The GOP is collapsing before our eyes.

People who think Americans are sheeple aren't very smart. The fact is that the Dems haven't been speaking for people and the Republicans have promised them gain with no pain.

Believe me, if Hillary Clinton wasn't personally popular, she'd have a real primary challenge as well. Joe Lieberman got the shock of a lifetime when the party regulars turned on him at the state convention yesterday. He's now facing an independent run or a possible primary upset. Chuck Schumer is trying to play cute, but all I have to say to him is Tom Suozzi, the genius who called for toll roads on Long Island. He encouraged him to run and Spitzer leads him by 50+ points. You can't protect Joe Lieberman, he played too close for too long with Bush.

John McCain also got a shock at the New School when he tried to give a speech and got shouted down and attacked by the graduation speaker.

People are tired, they're tired of the war, the open racism on CNN and FOX posing as commentary. Lou, the Irish only became white after WWI. John, Lebensborn was considered
a war crime. You cannot breed white babies because Mexicans scare you. Jack, what the fuck is wrong with you. Usually, you have your shit together, but that comment about LaMigra backing up a protest was just fucked up. Is that what you think about fellow Americans. who most of the protesters were?

You have old line Republicans seeing the party cratering like Laura Bush's car after she accidentally ran over her boyfriend. You have the Bush cultists scared of one-legged Taliban and the "reconquista" which is about as realistic as Louis Farrakhan's plans for a black state and some plan to now take their guns.

The NRA has this nuts campaign to get police chiefs to promise not to take people's guns in an emergency.Which refers to post-Katrina New Orleans, when whites rode around armed and looking for trouble.

They took guns to prevent a race war. Because if those nuts had shot anyone, they would have been shot at back.

Kevin Phillips joins Peggy Noonan in planning for a post-Cheney, post-Bush succession and it's not in 2009. Talk now, but people are seeing that it's not Captain Queeg at the controls, he's competent, if nuts, but Gilligan with a bad attiude. A lot of people are privately asking who is the next Barry Goldwater, and they don't mean as a conservative voice. They mean the man who gave Nixon his eviction notice. I know Trent Lott would love to, but he's just going to be in the room.

While no one is talking impeachment in 2007 now, a Democratic House, just discharging it's duties, is going to go down that road. Besides, they will be all in Bush's shit anyway,and Bush hates being challenged.

Part of the lunacy is Rove's immense and ongoing legal troubles, which may get worse at the next Grand Jury meeting. When you have a crazed bulldog like PatFitzgerald chasing your ass, some details slip. A lot of details. Like that idiotic picture of Bush in a dune buggy. What wasthat going to prove.

I think Rove, like a lot of political people, forgot two things, despite appearances, Americans like smart people, but they like them clever. They don't like stupid people,period. Bush gave the impression, at first, of a homespun boy who was smarter than people thought. Now, people think he's a blithering idiot and mule stubborn as well, and those traits do not go down well with people.

Americans may have no great faith in education, but they love intelligence, and they expect the president to have it. They don't like it smarmy like Dennis Miller, but they love it sly like Jon Stewart.

It was ok for Bush to play cowboy, but when people who believed in him are now sending their kids in Iraq food packages, stupid has a new meaning. the mispronunciations were cute once too. But now it seems like he really has no clue and it is cute no longer. Bush is scaring the shit out of people who once voted for him.

Why? It seems he or more likely Cheney wanted to make illegals felons and Bush changed that. So now the chickens of the the Southern Strategy have come home to roost. Without Hispanic votes, he's on the ranch drinking a fifth of Jim Beam a day. Now, he tossed them away to appease, his aging, racist base and he didn't do enough for them, like mass roundups and deportations.

Of course, it's now Sensenbrenner being called a Nazi for wanting to arrest children. Like Trent Lott, he has a motive for revenge.

But isn't even that alone. Brains say fire Rumsfeld, appoint Warner or anyone else to the job and he won't, even as Rummy's smarmy answers are pissing off the generals. He does what he does and everyone is supposed to go along.

And then to pretend people actually like Bush despite the polls is well, insane.

What was the turning point?

Cindy Sheehan. Even more than the Schiavo case, Sheehan unmasked the real Bush.

The worst mistake of his presidency. 15 minutes with her and that would have ended it. Just 15 minutes. Instead, they run oppo on her, make her into a martyr. You couldn't have handled it worse than Bush did.

The radio attacks calling her nuts was the thing which quietly ate into his wider support. People who grew up during Korea and served in Vietnam were horrified by those attacks. People didn't say much, but it was one of those things which decent people didn't do. Bush could have stopped it with two phonecalls by Rove, but they just didn't get it. Even families which support the war disliked the way she was treated.

What wasn't widely reported was that people from the First Cav supported her and came to see her outside Crawford, including her son's CO and roommate. When some wingnuts tried to hold an anti-Sheehan rally in Killeen,outside Ft. Hood, that idea was quickly killed by the Cav's then commander Peter Chiarelli, now training Iraqi troops.

They could have not misplayed it any worse in trying to judge how the military would react to this.

But what the Sheehan mess said was that Bush wasn't so nice, and his personality was pretty much an act. It set the foundation for further disallusionment with Bush.

Supporting Bush requires codependency and people are just sick of it. Iraq has failed, admit it. Tax cuts don't work, smaller government can kill. And Bush acts like everything is Ok. It isn't and people know it. They're just tired of his lies and excuses and if he doesn't change, he's going to wind up like Nixon, making a last, lonely helo ride to oblivion.

posted by Steve @ 1:24:00 AM

1:24:00 AM

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