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Comments by YACCS
Thursday, May 11, 2006

Boys and men

The Eiffel Tower

Jane Hamsher has a post up on women blogging and how women are largely missing from the opinion media.

This also involves the great Digby debate over her/his gender. It shouldn't matter if the commentary is good, but for some reason, it's been a question I get asked from time to time. It shouldn't matter, it really shouldn't, but it does.

However, that isn't the case.

The more I think about it, the more I think this is a contest between men and boys (or women and girls), which is why people want to believe Digby is a woman, or are shocked by it. They would love to have such a clear, smart voice be one of their own.

The sad fact is that most of the right bloggers act like boys. Which is why they and the trolls have a real hard time dealing with things like wounded vets, unfit recruits, and undersupplied soldiers.

They run from those topics with fear.

Because, no matter their age, they're boys(or girls). They believe daddy Bush will save them, and that if they believe he's strong enough, they will be protected and their side will win.
They call names, demand everyone take loyalty oaths and act like boys, unaware of how men act and think.

When faced with broken bodies and a failed war, like abused children, they retreat into a fantasy world. They toss words like race-hustler about, rather than admit America's imperfect attitudes towards race, they demean women instead of dealing with them as equals.

Which makes me proud of the way our readers deal with issues, like men, as men( and women). They deal with difficult topics in intelligent ways.

A man, a real man (or woman) would never have to agree to sign something to do the right thing
or hide behind words. they would do it instinctively.

There's a reason things are changing. Daily Kos gets more readers than the Atlanta Journal Consitution and the Dallas Morning News websites because people are tired of lies and emotion replacing argument.

Why are there such poor relations between the right and left blogosphere? Well, it's not just mutual contempt. You cannot debate emotion with reason. Despite the GOP fleeing Bush like he was on fire, and Katharine Harris's public contrempts with the Bush family may not hurt her the way people think it will, the right bloggers still see Bush as the strong leader and Iraq just shy of victory.

When the facts become too much, like a spoiled teenager, they blame everyone, even daddy, for not living up to their fantasies.

Their support for Bush is not based on fact, or even an accurate pereception of what we stand for. It's all hate talk and Bush bashing, as if his failures were merely created to harm him and not objective facts. They deplore facts because facts may conflict with their fantastic ideas of the world.

Which is why Andrew Klavan can talk about patriotic movies and refuse to discuss his family enlisting to fight. Which is why Operation Yellow Elephant gets so deep under their skin, like boys, they think words matter more than actions. Which is why they can claim that they are "fighting islamofascism" while other young men fight the Iraqi resistance and risk their lives. Their fantasies of omnipotence are supposed to be equivilent to the reality of humping a ruck and walking point in Iraq and it is anything but.

They have made deeds stand for words, and wonder why so many of them, some well past the age of majority, sound so boyish and coarse when discussing real life. Which is why so many of them attacked Cindy Sheehan, the mommy who told them a truth they didn't want to hear. They would rather shut her out than realize she was demanding the truth.

George Bush, of course, is an example of a man who has never fully reconciled being an adult with his childhood trauma. He negates laws because he doesn't like them, he avoids nasty crowds because he dislikes them. It's like having a well-mannered 18 year old run the country. He is protected from the truth because he cannot deal with it.

And his online enablers act the same way. They attack and are shocked when responded to, they expect weakness and are confounded by strength. In short, they act like boys and girls when confronting men and women.

posted by Steve @ 1:52:00 AM

1:52:00 AM

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