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Comments by YACCS
Sunday, May 21, 2006


REUTERS/Claro Cortes IV
He loves Jesus, doesn't he

It's a nice sunny day, and I ran out to get the paper before having Brunch this afternoon with Jen. And given her sleeping habits, this alone is damn near on the order of a miracle.

As I'm sitting outside my apartment, I see this rather odd group approach,four white women and a black man in a suit. This is odd because it is Sunday. Any other day of the week, I'd assume they were teachers or health care workers.

But then they had these fucked up smiles.

Which always means trouble. Always.

Let's see, you have four white women and a black man.Then I notice the Bible. Holy shit. This is weird. Because black people and white people keep church seperate.In fact, they're entirely different places with religion in common.

It's a nice day, not a 9/11 day, but nice. I have a day with friends planned. I'm up to get the paper and some coffee.

And here comes goofus and his merry maids.


He says in a loud voice, "Hello brother, would you like to join us as we sing a few songs"

I said in a loud voice, "absolutely not" and storm off to the store, the Daily News and breakfast.He says, "take care, brother"

Talking to myself, I say "I hate being prostelytized"

Look, I'm a 41 year old black man. Religion is part of my culture and life.It's in my family. I'm no church goer, but there is no dodging religion as a black man in America and I've tried since childhood. My sister drags her kids to church every Sunday and makes them sing in the choir. Fine.

But the one thing I think I should be exempt from is goofy people selling religion. This is one of the most religious neighborhoods in New York, I live near five churches. Everyone here,more or less, is religious to a degree. There isn't anyone here who isn't familiar with some church ritual.

Yet, I get a stream of Mormoms and Jehovah Witnesses coming around,looking for lost souls. I'm a fucking Methodist, OK. I like being a Methodist, even if I don't go to church. It's part of my family's history. I don't need goofus and his merry maids trying to sell me something I already own.

Maybe it makes them feel good, but it offends me. Just assume I'm religious, Ok. Just assume I have accepted the lord as my personal savior and go on your way. I'm black, I'm an adult. Just assume that I'm something. OK. Why the fuck were they here? Do they think blacks and Latinos lack religion? You couldn't knock on a door and not find a bible and a picutre of Jesus.
Just goofy, very goofy.

Don't they have church or something to go to?

posted by Steve @ 9:41:00 AM

9:41:00 AM

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