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Comments by YACCS
Friday, April 14, 2006

This is interesting

Still here

SSquirrel posted this up

It just struck me as strange. Why was Fox News attacking a rape victim? Why was Tucker Carlson on MSNBC? Were they just attacking a black women with no money going against some rich white kid? I figured there had to be a Republican somewhere. Maybe a Bush “Pioneer” or two? So I looked around…

Jason Bissey, who was on his porch next door during the party, saw the victim that night. He said Friday that he wishes he had called police at the first sign something was wrong.

He saw at least 30 men go into the white three-bedroom house, which Duke officials say is rented by three lacrosse team captains.

Bissey saw two women arrive and, after they were in the house 20 minutes, come out. As they got into a car, men shouted, Bissey said.

“Some of them were saying things like, ‘I want my money back,’ ” Bissey said.

“When I was outside, one guy yelled at her, ‘… Thank your grandpa for my cotton shirt,’ “ Bissey said.

Days later, Bissey learned one of the young women reported being raped.

Police have been called to the house at 610 N. Buchanan Blvd. four times since September, according to police records.

Residents also questioned why police waited two days to search the house after the rape was reported.

OK, Three captains, apparently there are four…

Duke head men’s lacrosse coach Mike Pressler announced on Tuesday the appointment of seniors David Evans, Dan Flannery, Bret Thompson and Matt Zash as team captains for the 2006 season.

Isn’t Google fun? It finds things like this…

The victim’s account is documented on’s web site and mentions how two males named Adam and Matt pulled her into a bathroom. Someone shut the door behind her and said “Sweetheart, you can’t leave”. The victim claims she attempted to leave but was prevented from doing so by Adam, Matt and another named individual, Brett.

If only I had a team roster…

Roster (partial)

40 Matt Danowski ATTACK 6-0 190 Jr. Farmingdale, N.Y. (Farmingdale)

12 Capt. Dan Flannery ATTACK 5-11 190 Sr. Garden City, N.Y. (Garden City)

36 Adam Langley ATTACK 5-9 165 So. Glenview, Il. (Glenbrook South)

24 Capt. Bret Thompson MIDFIELDER 6-0 185 Sr. Chevy Chase, Md. (Georgetown Prep)

21 Matt Wilson MIDFIELDER 6-0 185 Jr. Durham, N.C. (Durham Academy)

10 Capt. Matt Zash MIDFIELDER 5-11 190 Sr. Massapequa, N.Y. (Massapequa)

Three Matts, One Adam, One Bret…Anyone with money and government connections?

Bruce and Kathy Thompson (parents of Bret Thompson)
Chevy Chase, MD 20815-4805

Bruce E. Thompson Jr., First Vice President, Sr. Director of Government Relations, Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc., Washington, DC
Mr. Thompson represents Merrill Lynch in all legislative and executive branch matters of interest to the firm and to the financial services industry. He is also responsible for policy analysis and development, and for keeping Merrill Lynch and its clients apprised of government policy developments. Prior to joining Merrill Lynch in 1986, Mr. Thompson served as Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Legislative Affairs, the department’s chief representative to Congress. He is a Duke parent

Hmmm…Daddy’s on the board of visitors at Duke…Impressive resume, huh?

And this is the part I love…

Washington Post-connected business group
wields influence over city’s legislative agenda

Staff Writer

An exclusive group of largely wealthy Washington area business people has for years been working behind the scenes with the city’s political leaders to advance its own agenda for the nation’s capital - often without D.C. residents’ input and almost always without wide knowledge of its efforts.

Legislative influence of the group, which has close ties to the Washington Post, extends from the D.C. City Council and the mayor’s office to the halls of Congress and the White House, according to sources interviewed for this story.

Membership in the private and generally secretive group, called the Federal City Council, is highly selective. Washington Post Publisher Donald E. Graham serves as nominating committee chairman for the organization, which was founded in 1954 by his father, the late Post Publisher Philip L. Graham. \

“They’re controlling the city and it’s a problem,” said Sandra Seegars, a longtime Ward 8 activist and recent appointee to the D.C. Taxicab Commission. “It’s a secret group that’s in the background pushing buttons and pulling strings, but nobody knows who they are.”

Librarian Matthew Gilmore noted with a chuckle that files about the Federal City Council “disappear” from the library’s collection almost as soon as they get created.

Here’s a list of the members of the Federal City Council, called Washington “trustees,” along with their business affiliation as published by the organization in January 1999.

Bruce E. Thompson Jr. Vice president, director of government relations Merrill Lynch & Co

He seems also to be part of some secret politically powerful group too. With connections to the Washington Post. I guess they won’t be publishing this, huh?
And while he doesn’t seem to be a Bush Ranger or Pioneer his Boss sure is(E. Stanley O’Neal Chair, CEO & President Merrill Lynch & Co. )

Though Bruce did find time to hit the 2004 Republican Convention…

Wall Street stood out among this week’s hosts. Of the 78 major contributors to the New York host committee, 31 are accounting firms, investment banks, mutual fund or insurance firms. Together they contributed as much as $25 million - and threw a dizzying array of soirees honoring congressional committees, chairmen and state delegations. “For us, it’s just a matter of building relationships,” said Bruce Thompson, vice president of government relations at Merrill Lynch. He is attending four parties a day.

So if you too were wondering why those classy people of the Right Wing Media like Fox News, or maybe Tucker Carlson at MSNBC’s The Situation Room, would attack a women who reported being cruelly gang raped by three white guys, would imply she’s a liar and a tramp and probably deserved it, I really have no idea. I really don’t understand why anyone with a shred of morality or integrity would do such a thing.

Hey Tucker, what if it was your daughter?


I was wondering who called in Bob Bennett to "defend" Duke's reputation?

Interesting that the victim's criminal past is fodder for news, but not the fact that A) the police had been called to the house four times previously, and B) one of the teams members daddy is highly connected in Washington DC.

posted by Steve @ 10:16:00 AM

10:16:00 AM

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