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Friday, April 28, 2006


Top 25?

Explicit ranking of high school girls sparks outrage in Mt. Lebanon
'Top 25' list details students' looks, bodies

Wednesday, April 26, 2006
By Mary Niederberger and Nikki Schwab, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The Mt. Lebanon School District and Mt. Lebanon police are investigating the distribution of an anonymous document that features sexually explicit descriptions of 25 girls at the high school.

The document, titled "Top 25 in 2006," ranks the girls in order from one to 25. It includes their names, grade levels and photos.

Each girl is assigned a letter grade for her breasts, buttocks and face, followed by a brief description of each girl in crude and vulgar terms.

There are references to girls performing oral sex and comments about their height and weight.

One girl, an entry said, "seemed to be a very consistent candidate among the ballots of the males, her consistency allowed her to achieve top 10 status."

There is one instance where a description ridicules a girl's ethnic heritage. All of the girls in the "top 25" are sophomores, juniors and seniors.

"I think that it's outrageous, the equivalent of a written rape on our daughter," said the father of one girl, who didn't want his name published to protect his daughter's identity.

He and another parent said they are frustrated that the district hasn't disciplined the students who created the publication.

The parents might have a defamation action,but the school district would proabably lose a lawsuit if they punished people for actions taken off school grounds. Schools cannot punish people for what they do in their spare time off school grounds, especially when it's printed material. The law is very clear on this.

posted by Steve @ 3:18:00 AM

3:18:00 AM

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