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Comments by YACCS
Tuesday, April 04, 2006

No thanks

I don't think these guys liked war movies
after seeing the real thing

Filmgoers get 9/11 shock

'United 93' clips too real?


It's an intense and traumatic glimpse inside the 9/11 hijacking of United Airlines Flight 93 - and it's too much, too soon for some New York moviegoers.

At least one theater on the upper West Side has yanked the harrowing trailer for Universal Pictures' upcoming "United 93," saying it reduced one patron to tears.

"I personally received a couple of complaints. Some people were pretty upset," said a manager at the AMC Loews Lincoln Square 12 theater on Broadway. "We pulled the trailer last weekend."

"I covered my eyes. I couldn't watch it," said upper East Side retiree Gloria Harper, who volunteered as a Ground Zero relief worker shortly after 9/11. "I won't see the movie. I mean we lived through it."

The trailer, complete with heart-pounding surround sound, had a similar effect on some moviegoers at the Regal Battery Park theater - located virtually across the street from Ground Zero.

"It was disturbing. It's always painful and brings back memories," said Aida Sotelo, 47, a Manhattan homemaker who was working a block from the twin towers on 9/11. "It's still hurtful to see. And it will always be too early for me."

The trailer starts with passengers preparing for the flight, and the plane taking off. It then skips to a control room where panicked authorities are scrambling to explain why American Airlines Flight 11 had slammed into the north tower.

Adam Fogelson, Universal's marketing president, said the trailer was designed to "give an honest sense of what the movie is going to be."

"We didn't use any footage that people haven't seen before, and we didn't enhance it," he added. "It's truly horrific. So we're not shocked to hear that some people find it uncomfortable."

Allison Vadhan, 40, whose 65-year-old mom, Kristin White, died on United Flight 93, said it was time to tell the full story of the passengers.

"As difficult as it is to watch, future generations have to know about this," said Vadhan, of Atlantic Beach, L.I. "Otherwise, we're leaving them powerless. It's much easier to forget. It's much harder to face this head-on.

I'd rather not see this......ever.

I always wondered why vets hated war movies.

Now I know.

posted by Steve @ 12:03:00 AM

12:03:00 AM

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