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Monday, April 10, 2006

Let's help New Orleanians vote

So who will run what's left?
Thousands of New Orleans voters lost their homes and loved ones because of Hurricane Katrina. We need your help to ensure that they don't lose their votes. New Orleans has is holding a primary election on April 22nd and a general election on May 20. Thousands of the city's voters are still displaced, even though they plan to return home. The DNC recently released a hotline, 1-888-DemVote, for the citizens of New Orleans who may need assistance voting absentee.

Democrats living abroad know first-hand how complicated it can be to figure-out how to vote from afar. And, as many of us have experienced, some Secretary of State websites can be confusing to navigate. That's why Democrats Abroad teamed up with the DNC's Voting Rights Institute and helped develop a website for displaced New Orleans voters that is easy to use.

We ask that all Democrats Abroad members forward this link to their friends in the States. The more people who know about this website, the more Louisiana displaced voters we can reach. If you own a blog or are a frequent blogger, we encourage you to push this message out to others too. We may not have been able to prevent the hurricane from hitting New Orleans, but we can prevent the people of New Orleans from losing their opportunity to have a voice in the upcoming elections. They've already lost too much.

A special thank you to Democrats Abroad International Vice Chair Christine Marques and Tech Adviser Chris Shannon for also helping with this important project. And thank you in advance for telling others about this special website and phone number:



Alexandra Chalupa
Executive Director
Democrats Abroad

Ok, so why isn't the DNC backing this? Because they should be, unless there is a case of not invented here. And that would really be a shame, assisting in the disenfranchisement of black voters over ego. That would be a truly shameful thing.

Update: The DNC e-mailed me to say they are supporting this. I e-mailed them back to see if they are supporting this with words, in that tepid, Beltway nodding of the head way, or doing active outreach and promotion.

Because saying you support this is not enough.

Democrats Abroad are nice people, but why did they have to come up with this? The state page is a joke and the DNC is now claiming credit. This is like having mothers raise money for radios and vests in the sense that this should have been a major effort by the DNC and not something someone thought up and did from the UK or Japan in their spare time.

Of course the DNC did pay for it, did they put their people on this to develop this?

Don't act ally pissy about credit when all you did was sign your name and nod. Without Democrats Abroad, this wouldn't exist. And to me, that is a problem.

Where was the DNC when Erik Erikson was pushing his new poll tax? Why wasn't this a national issue. They put the new ID centers outside of Fulton County for God's sake. Where is the uproar when thousands of people are facing disenfranchisement? Raise money? Sure. Ask for votes? Sure. Protect the rights of voters? Not so much.

Too many Dems in DC are willing to watch disnefranchisement before they eyes, whine about Diebold and refuse to confront the GOP thugs in the field. So don't act like supporting what you should have been doing is some kind of achievement, it's barely acceptable at best.

posted by Steve @ 10:39:00 AM

10:39:00 AM

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