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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Ken sends e-mail

Our beloved president

Dear Steve,

You've heard from us. Now, we want to hear from you.

As we formulate our strategy to win in November, we need your opinion. Enclosed in this e-mail is your official Republican Grassroots Voices Survey. Please take a moment to share your opinion on...

The most important priority facing our nation... why it's important that we retain our Republican majorities in November... how you'd like to get involved online... where you get your news... and anything else - by sharing your thoughts at the end of the survey.

Please be sure to return the survey as soon as possible. We will be sharing your thoughts with our leaders in Congress for their action. Your answers will be used to formulate a blueprint for victory in 2006 and 2008.

Politics is changing - and new technology empowers you to connect with our Party's leaders and elected representatives at the click of a button. Take a moment to fill out this important survey and tell our Party's leaders what you think.


Ken Mehlman
Chairman, Republican National Committee

P.S. With this survey, you'll have a chance to sign up for our Grassroots Voices Initiative. By signing up, you'll receive exclusive e-mail alerts about new online polls - and be the pulse of the Republican Party.

If you have trouble submitting this survey or would like to complete it online, click here.

Needless to say, I have my own version of this.

1.) Which issues will be most important in determining your vote this November? (select up to three)

Impeaching the President
Seeing Rumsfeld retire
Watching Karl Rove go to jail
Getting out of Iraq
Stopping the war on Brown people
Rebuilding New Orleans
Stopping oil profits
Making sure we don't have a theocracy

2.) What is the most important reason for maintaining and expanding our Republican majorities in 2006? (select one)

I like corruption
Watching Bush crack up is fun
Maybe Deadeye Dick will cap another old lawyer
I want to see the GOP impeach Bush
Condi is so hot when she goes on the Hill
Theocracy is my goal
Laws, laws are for Democrats and brown people

3.) If the Democrats win control of the Congress in 2006, what is the one thing you would be most worried would happen?

Bush would go to jail for treason and take Rummy and Cheney with him
Karl Rove decides to talk
We would leave Iraq
We might actually capture Osama
People might actually have a working health care system
Veterans might be treated like humans

4.) As you know, President Bush has announced a bold reform agenda for 2006. Which of his initiatives is most important to you? (select one)

Spending more time on his ranch
Getting Jenna to marry a rich man, who will pay for her drying out
Ignoring New Orleans
Watching US troops surrender to the Mahdi Army in their retreat to Kuwait
Letting old people die because they can't get their drugs

5.) From which sources do you receive most of your news and political information? (select multiple)
ABC News
CBS News
NBC News
Fox News Channel
Free Republic. org
Michael Savage
Rush Limbaugh
Glenn Beck
Lou Dobbs and Jack Cafferty
All them other immigrant haters
James Dobson
Rod Parsley
Illinois Nazis
News websites
Daily Newspaper
News/Opinion Magazines
Friends and Family

6.) On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely is it that you would recommend voting Republican in the next election to a friend or a colleague?

Would they hit me?

7.) As an online activist, what features would you like to see on (select multiple)
More ways to connect with fellow Republicans
Volunteer opportunities in my area
Web videos & podcasts with key newsmakers
Online polls
The latest breaking news
Information on the issues important to me
Information on GOP candidates and elected officials
Places to post my racist and homophobic rantings
Online Diaries from GOP political leaders
Other ways to keep in touch with the immigration know nothings and theocrats in
my area

8.) In what year were you born?
In what year did you realize you were better than other people

9.) Did you vote in the year 2004?
They took the polling machines away
Diebold expresses my opinions perfectly

10.) Please share any additional comments below

So when will you government pussies let the Minutemen loose so we can hunt them damn Mexkins.

Yes, I would like to sign up for the Grassroots Voices Initiative to be the online pulse of the Republican Party!
12.) Got a new e-mail address? Update it here:

If you have trouble submitting this survey or would like to complete it online, click here.

posted by Steve @ 12:06:00 AM

12:06:00 AM

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