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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Immigration and crime

What about the vicitms?

Here's what I don't get, Sensenbrenner and Tancredo want to turn law abiding residents into criminals, but remain mute about the Russian mafia, coyotes, MS-13 and snakeheads, people who really violate US law, create victims in the US and overseas,and are criminals.

The mexican guy who makes my pizza is not a threat, the coyotes on the border are.

Three points:

1) Smuggling is a crime. Most illegal immigrants are victims of this and the debts they owe force them into low wage work and paying off massive debts

2) Sexual slavery is used to stock strip clubs and whore houses for organized crime, using illegal workers to stock them. They are a source of both illegal income and crime

3) The current legal immigration and asylum systems are so flawed and poorly functioning, legal immigrants often have to wait years to get their papers and then apply for citizenship.

We punish those who play by the rules. Any one passing by the ICE offices in lower Manhattan on a weekday will see a long line of legal immigrants.

The idea of crminizaling illegals, much less building a physical wall is so beyond the point, it isn't funny. We don't need the Army down on the border. When they did that in the 90's, Marines sniped a 14 year old sheepherder. We need police, trained police, police with paramilitary capabilities to deal with dope dealers and coyotes. We need to make human smuggling as serious a crime as drug smuggling. We need to invest in sensors and observation platforms.

We also need a speedy way to deport those who cross over illegally. This isn't about open borders, but smart enforcement which would encourage other countries to go along with it.

Instead of real solutions and no small pride that we still live in a country people will risk everything to live in, you get Jack Cafferty sneering at them like pond scum. These people want
to be Americans like the people who came here to Ellis Island. We need to stop hiding behind the excuse that they "broke the law". People gamble online and they "break the law" and no one is jailing them.

We need to protect those who contribute, deport those who are criminals, and reform legal immigration, while going after immigration criminals with a vigor not seen before.

That's real immigration reform. Not criminalizing 12 million people and calling it anything but racism

posted by Steve @ 1:23:00 AM

1:23:00 AM

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