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Comments by YACCS
Thursday, April 13, 2006

Funny, Vietnam Vet comes to mind

Does he look like anybody's bitch to you?

MSNBC edits it out in the repeat broadcast.

Christopher who is not one to mince words even surprised Chris Matthews today. Fresh off of Robert Sheer's new article in which Colin Powell proclaims that Iraq never posed a serious nuclear threat-Hitchens responds to Evan Thomas' defense of Powell.

Thomas: He (Powell) wasn't against the war. He was against doing the war right then. If you talk to Richard Armitage-his aid, they were ready to go to war-they just didn't want to do it that year...

Hitchens: his aid (garbled)...his bitch you mean.

Matthews: His what?

Hitchens: His bitch, why aren't you, why are you calling Colin Powell a good soldier...
This is from Wikipedia

Armitage graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1967. Upon graduation, he joined the United States Navy, initially holding the rank of ensign. He served on a destroyer stationed in Vietnam during the Vietnam War and volunteered to serve as an advisor to the Vietnamese riverine ("brown water") naval forces. In 1973, Armitage left active duty and joined the office of the U.S. Defense Attache in Saigon. (It has been frequently, and inaccurately, reported that Armitage was a member of the elite Navy SEALs, a mischaracterization that Armitage now corrects in interviews.)

Wow, his military career parallels............John Kerry's. Served on a destroyer, then volunteered for the Brown Water Navy, then volunteered to adivse the ARVN. But he stayed in Vietnam until the end? I can see why people thought he was a SEAL. My bet is that a few of those years included work with DIA But no matter, what he is not is anyone's bitch.

Bitch? Say that to his face Chris. You won't say it twice.

posted by Steve @ 12:43:00 AM

12:43:00 AM

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