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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Fratricide, murder, you make the call

Friend or foe or both

Iraq Army soldier slays G.I.

Attacker shot after rare clash between 2 sides


WASHINGTON - In a rare incident of fratricide between U.S. and allied Iraqi forces, a soldier in the new Iraqi Army allegedly shot and killed a U.S. Marine on a coalition base for joint operations in western Iraq, the U.S. military said yesterday.

The Iraqi soldier was shot by another Marine following the attack Thursday at the base near the Syrian border town of Al Qaim, according to a statement from the Marine base at Camp Fallujah, about 30 miles west of Baghdad. The Iraqi was taken to a hospital in Balad in "very serious" condition.

The statement did not disclose what may have led to the shooting but said it was under investigation. "Obviously, this just happened and it's going to take a bit to sort through it," said Navy Cmdr. Robert Mulac, a military spokesman in Baghdad.

Iraqi recruits are vetted to weed out those suspected of having insurgent ties, but some U.S. troops in private have expressed their general distrust of the Iraqi forces and criticized their carelessness with weapons.

The Qaim incident could contribute to that distrust as the U.S. attempts to turn over control of more areas to the Iraqis as a prelude to U.S. troop withdrawals.

Last month, Army Gen. George Casey, the coalition commander in Iraq, complained that Iraqi troops "were allowing the Mahdi militia to pass through their checkpoints. And, obviously, this is not something that we are going to condone."
The Iraqi Army is going to turn on us when the clerics tell them to.

If this was anything like an accident, the Iraqi would be in custody, not in the hospital. That guy's squadmates lit up the Iraqi without breathing hard. That shouldn't happen in an accident. Either he was shot or caught a near fatal beating. Either way, that don't sound like no accident to me.

That dead Marine parents deserve a full and complete explaination on the death of their son. My feeling is that they will get anything but.

posted by Steve @ 1:19:00 AM

1:19:00 AM

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