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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Deal with Osama?

Make a deal?

Stephen Miller posted this up. Miller is running for Congress as a Green Party member

I haven't actually heard anyone call for negotations with Osama before



Abu Jandal lives in Yemen. He was Osama Bin Laden’s bodyguard for years. He knows Osama better than any American can ever know him and Abu is sure that there will be another terrorist attack by Osama six months from the opportunity Osama gave to make a truce in December 2005.

To refuse to negotiate a truce with Osama in lieu of the threat that came from Abu Jandal is the height of stupidity. This attack is a serious commitment by people who are extremely angry with America’s foreign policy.

With complete fairness and objectivity the policies by the American government to support Saddam Hussein for many years while Saddam committed the very atrocities America decided to remove him for committing is about as convoluted and as stupid as it can get. The American government that we citizens keep reelecting never gets it right. They are always wrong.

You have to be an idiot to believe that America can capture and kill all the terrorists. Osama bin Laden is giving America a chance to end being a victim of terrorism. To refuse to at least make an attempt for a reasonable bargain at this time in light of the direct threat given by Abu Jandal aired on national TV during the April 3rd, 60 Minutes’ broadcast in the interview conducted by Bob Simon would be another act of stupidity.

If I was an elected US Congressman such as 4th district Congressman Chris Shays is, I would be holding public hearings of the Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to lay down the gauntlet at her feet to start negotiating a truce. The harm done to the Americans who will be the victims of the next attack will be the fault of Secretary Rice and President Bush who keeps claiming to be protecting American citizens. Trying to thwart this pending attack rather than negotiate a peaceful settlement is more stupidity.

If America has done nothing wrong to instill the hatred of a billion Muslims then surely that can be explained to Osama bin Laden who is convinced America has provoked him and his followers. The notion that President Bush keeps claiming that the terrorists hate America because of our freedoms is clearly not what Bin Laden wrote. Do we Americans want to believe that President Bush is a mind reader who knows what Osama thinks?

Osama hates Saddam for reasons of his own. The notion President Bush keeps giving that Saddam helped Osama attack on 9/11 is a ridiculous lie that President Bush believes gives him the right to do anything under the umbrella of 9/11. President Bush has been caught in many lies about why he ordered the attack on Saddam. The conclusive evidence that President Bush had forced our military personnel into harm’s way for reasons Bush had before 9/11 ever happened was again clarified by credible military officers who worked in the Pentagon. The deaths of our soldiers, the severe wounds suffered by our soldiers, and the enormous financial cost of the Iraq war, prove that President Bush has complete disregard for American lives.

To refuse to negotiate a truce with Osama in lieu of the threat broadcast by Abu Jandal will prove that a regime change in America is critical.

See, if Osama had a reason to make a deal, like the Iranians, this might work. But he doesn't.

Osama is far less crazy than the media says, but his goal is the conquest of Saudi Arabia under a Sunni theocracy run by him.

There is no peaceful settlement to be had, unless we plan to eliminate the Sauds. And that, for any number of reasons, is not on the agenda.

Besides, Bush would be forced from office if he tried tp cut a deal with Osama. Most Americans, regardless of party, want Osama in one of two places, a grave or a defendent's table. Him walking around a peace table with Condi Rice is not what most people have in mind.

Besides, with the new Al Qaeda, Osama can't control every nut with an agenda. He might face his own problems selling a deal and his people kill over disagreements.

But most importantly, what does a deal gain him? A shift in resources to destabilizing Saudi Arabia? More time in Waziristan? What can we offer him that he wants, besides us leaving the Middle East? Not much.

posted by Steve @ 12:30:00 AM

12:30:00 AM

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