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Comments by YACCS
Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Chickenhawk squawk on immigrations

Goddamn Mexicans.

Yeah, let's stop them, they don't shoot back.

For immediate release Tuesday, April 11th, 2006
Contact Amadeo Pablo Olivares ( )

True Voices calls for Immediate Rally against Racism and Xenophobia

On March 16, 2006 at approximately 11:00am members of the PSU Latino Caucus stumbled across flyers publicizing a program—"Catch an Illegal Immigrant Day", which was supposed to be put on later that day by the PSU College Republicans.

After confronting the PSU College Republicans, members of the PSU Latino Caucus were successful at postponing the program, until its' purpose could be clarified. In conversations between the two organizations, it was made clear that the premise of this game was to "capture" individuals wearing orange t-shirts reading "illegal immigrant". The reward for capturing the "illegal immigrant" was a candy bar. It was then that the PSU Latino Caucus demanded that the College Republicans did not continue on with their event. The PSU College Republicans refused. The event is still scheduled to take place during the week of the 18 th in April—now, with superficial changes.

As a result of the College Republicans determination to continue with the game, a group of about 30 concerned students came together with the goal of exposing the climate of racism and discrimination at the Pennsylvania State University. Although this group of concerned students is not an official organization we have banned together to make sure that our voices are heard. Hence, our name True Voices!

In response to the hostile racial climate present at Penn State we have decided to hold a press conference and rally on April 13, 2006 at 11:30a.m in the Hetzel Union Building , on the ground floor. The purpose of the rally and conference is to shine light upon an organization whose history of prejudice acts have scarred this esteemed institution. Incidents in which the College Republicans have supported gay bashing, and blatantly racist themed parties, have all been ignored by the University. We cannot allow our tuition dollars to subsidize the reckless, insensitive and bigoted actions of the PSU College Republicans. It is clear that students of all colors on this campus must unite in an attempt to fight discrimination and hate prevalent at this University .

Event: Press Conference and Student Solidarity Rally

Time: 11:30am until 1pm

Location: Hetzel-Union Building (HUB) Ground Floor (near the stairs)

Speakers: Members of True Voices, victims of Hate and Bigotry, and Representatives from several campus organizations.

Boy, if I was a Penn State alum, I'd be really pissed at this open racism from people too cowardly to enlist to fight for this country after their vocal support of the war.

These cowards are going to display their racism like they are doing something good. No one is pro-illegal immigration, but we don't play catch the mojado to insult people either.

I might even call the President's office to ask why the College Republicans can hold the equivilent of a modern day Klan rally on campus? Is that what student activity funds are for?

posted by Steve @ 6:35:00 PM

6:35:00 PM

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