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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Carol Darr: idiot

Those nasty bloggers

FEC: Aftermath, and The Reformers' New Fear
by Adam B
Tue Apr 11, 2006 at 06:32:26 AM PDT

Daniel Glover from the National Journal's Beltway Blogroll has a nice summary piece today that tries to sum up what's been accomplished over the past year. Here's your lede:

Bloggers won. That was the consensus two weeks ago, after a yearlong, off-and-on blog swarm that clearly shaped the thinking of the Federal Election Commission about campaign finance rules for the Internet.

That consensus is on the mark, too. Ordered by a federal court to write those rules, the FEC ultimately gave bloggers exactly what they wanted: a broad exemption from regulations that focus instead on political advertisements online.

Bloggers will not have to disclose election-related payments they receive, nor will they have to post disclaimers about such payments. In essence, the six federal election commissioners voted unanimously to preserve free speech online, at least to the extent the court would allow.


So what do the reformers fear now? From Darr, in response to a question about potential abuses:
CD: The potential is for large amounts of undisclosed money from foreign governments and individuals, and of course from deep pocketed American individuals, corporations and unions. Many of these potential abuses are not the result of the FEC's new Internet regs but are more attributable to larger changes in the media and in technology, and in the increasing polarization of U.S. politics, in which the meaner attacks are outsourced to third parties, who are less accountable.

I expect to see lots of funny/mean JibJab-style political videos, lots of micro-targeted e=mails, and undisclosed payments to bloggers made by third parties, not candidates, in order to escape disclosure. . . .

BB: How long before we see abuses? Will it happen in 2006? 2008? Or are the FEC rules solid enough to prevent abuses?

CD: Just because abuses happen, doesn't mean the public will necessarily be aware of them. I expect the activities to start immediately. Exemptions and loopholes never go unexploited for long, but if you have a good lawyer, the funding of many of these activities can escape public disclosure.

What a fucking idiot.

It is STILL against the law for non-Americans to spend money on US elections. And the fact is that credibility still matters. Ask Mike Krempasky about the perils of working with a large company and not disclosing it.

Does she not understand that the reputation of somone would be absolutely ruined if they were taking cash from people under the table? She thinks bloggers are just greedy fucks waiting to cash in and lack the basic scruples she supposedly has.

In her world, she thinks our readers are morons who would accept this without question. In our world, our readers are our most severe critics and dislike that kind of thing intensely.

posted by Steve @ 11:08:00 AM

11:08:00 AM

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