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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Caribbean lynch mob

This is a lynch mob. Not just some people
chasing you

Carib cops ignored brutal gay-bashing - CBS big


A CBS News producer from New York blasted Caribbean cops yesterday for shoddy police work after he and a friend were beaten unconscious by a gay-bashing mob in St. Maarten.

Dick Jefferson, a top producer with the "CBS Evening News," said police failed to even take his statement about the hate-spewing gang that attacked him and "48 Hours" producer Ryan Smith with a wrench Thursday. Smith, 25, suffered brain damage in the attack.

"Their attitude was sort of like, 'It's a tourist, who cares?'" said Jefferson, 51, of Manhattan, who suffered gashes and bruises.

Smith, 25, a 2004 Columbia School of Journalism graduate, won't be able to talk properly for at least six months, his doctors told family members. He is in intensive care at a Miami hospital, where the pair were airlifted.

"I'm just sick over what happened," said Justin Swensen, 23, who lives with Smith in Hells Kitchen and was in St. Maarten with him.

The attack unfolded minutes after a group of local residents confronted Smith and Swensen when they spotted them holding hands inside a beachfront bar, cops and witnesses said.

The vacationing Americans were walking to their car when the gang tried to run them over - then one jumped out of the car swinging the metal wrench.

They hit Jefferson, then felled Smith, before hopping back in the car and driving off. Swensen was not attacked. Dozens witnessed the brutal attack, but cops failed to turn up until the crowd was gone.

The HRC calls the laggard response to this "troubling"

No, this is what often happens to gays in the Caribbean, who show any display of affection. They are beaten and killed with qa frightening regularity. The government only cares when money is involved.

These guys didn't realize that people don't only take offense to gays in the islands, they feel perfectly free to kill them. Buju Banton became rich off of violent homophobic lyrics. He was banned from the UK because of it

The locals play this down, but homophobia is a regular staple of Sunday sermons and common reality. The police are unlikely to arrest the attackers unless under extreme economic pressure. The idea of attacking two men holding hands being wrong, in and of itself, is not really going to register.

posted by Steve @ 12:00:00 AM

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