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Saturday, April 29, 2006

But it really isn't about race

Just a friendly outing

I got a lovely, threatening hate mail today
by Duke1676
Fri Apr 28, 2006 at 06:35:16 PM PDT

As some of you might be aware, I have a blog dedicated to the immigration issue and progressive immigration reform. It was started a little over six months ago as a place where a few others and I could write and discuss the issue and hopefully supply others with some information and insight. Since then it's been growing nicely and apparently we have now appeared on the radar of some of our more racists neighbors.

I thought I would pass on an e-mail message I received today from someone who would only call himself "John Doe" (although he was stupid enough to use a real e-mail address). I figured you would enjoy seeing what some of are fellow countrymen think about immigration reform and immigrants. Perhaps those of you who were thinking about going to a rally or march this coming Monday, but weren't quite sure if you wanted to ... reading this e-mail might help you make up your mind.


I just wanted to say what the majority of our Rightful American Legal Citizenry thinks about your asinine, offensive, and illegal movement.

As all of your traitors and seditionists march in our streets waving your toilet papier-mache Mexican, oh pardon me: American flags, keep this in your pea-brained minds-

You must cease to exist.

You have no civil or legal rights in my country; no business to suck our social services, schools and hospitals dry, no honor in your methods,no courage in your cause, no intelligence in your leadership, and no more reasons to be here. We want you gone, and we want you to keep marching on May 1st right back to the sewage littered border you crawled out from, back to the open arms of your El Presidente, Mr. Fox.

If you can Habla Ingles, which I doubt; maybe you and all of yours can Strap those inner-tubes back together that you and your swine ancestors floated across the Rio Grande on and get out of here before we really get angry.

Hey, what's ten miles long and has an IQ of 70? The immigration rally protestor parade.

Get out of our nation you traitors, anarchists, seditionists, and lowlife scum.

Viva La USA! Wetbacks.


Your Independent American Party Activist.

nice Huh?

( I won't put up a link to that Independent American Party as I have no way of knowing if the author of this e-mail is actually a member or speaks for them .... but from the looks of the site, I bet he is )

Oh, but if you want to die in Iraq, go right ahead

posted by Steve @ 1:53:00 AM

1:53:00 AM

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