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Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Bush plan

Yo, I run this show.

Time has the plan for Bush's recovery in the polls.

Here is the Bolten plan:

1. Deploy Guns and Badges.

This is an unabashed play to members of the conservative base who are worried about illegal immigration. Under the banner of homeland security, the White House plans to seek more funding for an extremely visible enforcement crackdown at the Mexican border, including a beefed-up force of agents patrolling on all-terrain vehicles (ATVs). "It'll be more guys with guns and badges," said a proponent of the plan. "Think of the visuals. The President can go down and meet with the new recruits. He can go down to the border and meet with a bunch of guys and go ride around on an atv." Bush has long insisted he wants a guest-worker program paired with stricter border enforcement, but House Republicans have balked at temporary legalization for immigrants, so the President's ambition of using the issue to make the party more welcoming to Hispanics may have to wait.

And the Chicanos will have images of the President hunting down their cousins
to take into the voting booth. Uh, Time, they've already alienated hispanics, it only matters to the degree of alienation. Right now, it's at the GOP are genocidal monsters, it may go down to the GOP is racist, even the GOP works against our interests, but not now.

2. Make Wall Street Happy.

In an effort to curry favor with dispirited Bush backers in the investment world, the Administration will focus on two tax measures already in the legislative pipeline—extensions of the rate cuts for stock dividends and capital gains. "We need all these financial TV shows to be talking about how great the economy is, and that only happens when their guests from Wall Street talk about it," said a presidential adviser. "This is very popular with investors, and a lot of Republicans are investors."

Two words=gas prices. If they remain high, all the talk is bullshit

3. Brag More.

White House officials who track coverage of Bush in media markets around the country said he garnered his best publicity in months from a tour to promote enrollment in Medicare's new prescription-drug plan. So they are planning a more focused and consistent effort to talk about the program's successes after months of press reports on start-up difficulties. Bolten's plan also calls for more happy talk about the economy. With gas prices a heavy drain on Bush's popularity, his aides want to trumpet the lofty stock market and stable inflation and interest rates. They also plan to highlight any glimmer of success in Iraq, especially the formation of a new government, in an effort to balance the negative impression voters get from continued signs of an incubating civil war.

Success in Iraq. Yeah, that will happen. The President may have been involved in Jill Caroll's kidnapping. Yeah. The PM hates Americans and is backed by Sadr. Yep, success is around the corner.

4. Reclaim Security Credibility.

This is the riskiest, and potentially most consequential, element of the plan, keyed to the vow by Iran to continue its nuclear program despite the opposition of several major world powers. Presidential advisers believe that by putting pressure on Iran, Bush may be able to rehabilitate himself on national security, a core strength that has been compromised by a discouraging outlook in Iraq. "In the face of the Iranian menace, the Democrats will lose," said a Republican frequently consulted by the White House. However, a Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll this April 8-11, found that 54% of respondents did not trust Bush to "make the right decision about whether we should go to war with Iran."

What Iranian menace? This is poised to blow up in Bush's face. Iran can turn Iraq's semi-civil war to full-blown civil war. These people seem to have no clue as to the coming , Presidency-ending disaster in Iran. If the US attacks Iran and fails, which is more likely than not, Bush's resignation or impeachment will be the price. Even the GOP will realize if any of them want to keep their jobs, Bush must go.
5. Court The Press.

Bolten is extremely guarded around reporters, but he knows them and, unlike some of his colleagues, is not scared of them. Administration officials said he believes the White House can work more astutely with journalists to make its case to the public, and he recognizes that the President has paid a price for the inclination of some on his staff to treat them dismissively or high-handedly. His first move, working with counselor Dan Bartlett, was to offer the press secretary job to Tony Snow of Fox News radio and television, a former newspaper editorial writer and onetime host of Fox News Sunday who served George H.W. Bush as speechwriting director. Snow, a father of three and a sax player, is the bona fide outsider that Republican allies have long prescribed for Bushworld and would bring irreverence to a place that hasn't seen a lot of fun lately. "White Houses are weird places," he told a 2004 panel on White House speechwriting. Snow had his colon removed after he was found to have cancer last year, but his doctors have approved the possibility of his taking the grueling post.

What is he going to do, make Bush smart? Snow can only do so much with the people in the White House. He can't exactly spin a Rove indictment, can he?

The problems the WH has is more than anything but honesty can fix. Until they admit mistakes and then fire people and fix them, they're done. Iran is not Iraq. It can meet and defeat the US on neutral ground long before we attack.

posted by Steve @ 2:38:00 PM

2:38:00 PM

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