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Monday, April 10, 2006

Another letter from Kenny

So when does this close again?

Dear Steve,

Some things are more important than politics. Honoring our troops and their heroism in winning the War on Terror is one.

Families United for Our Troops and Their Mission is a grassroots coalition of military families and Americans proud of the men and women in uniform and who are dedicated to honoring them. As we remember the third anniversary of Iraq's liberation on April 9th, these families are delivering a message to members of the mainstream media asking them to tell both sides of the story when it comes to the War on Terror - including the incredible progress our troops are making.

You can sign the letter to the media at today.

Are you a proud parent with a son or daughter fighting to spread democracy abroad? A veteran of our Armed Forces? Or simply a citizen who supports our troops and is tired of the one-sided coverage from Iraq? Then it's important that you make your voice heard. Groups like Families United are working to make sure that our military families are heard loud and clear, and that we won't cut and run before the job is done.

Merrilee Carlson of St. Paul, MN lost her son Michael in Iraq. She didn't want Americans to lose sight of the cause her son proudly fought for, so she shared with her fellow Americans a personal credo he wrote, a portion of which is below:

"I want to carve out a niche for myself in the history books. I want to be remembered for the things I accomplished. I sometimes dream of being a soldier in a war. In this war I am helping to liberate people from oppression... I might not be remembered... but I will have helped people."

All of the troops who fight the War on Terror are heroes. The difficult work they are doing in Iraq and Afghanistan is vital to the security of the American people. Our military families understand the stakes for our country. Stand with them today to ensure they are heard.


Ken Mehlman

Chairman, Republican National Committee

P.S. Blue and Gold Star families, veterans, and other proud Americans are uniting to make sure this important message is heard. Will you join them?

Freedom Day in Iraq

In other developments:

# An Iraqi militant group threatened to kill two German engineers held hostage since January unless prisoners held by U.S. forces are freed. The two Germans were shown in a video posted to the Internet on Sunday pleading for help. The Germans were shown in front of a black banner emblazoned with the name of the militant group, the Brigade of Supporters of the Sunna and Tawhid, and one of them, Thomas Nitzschke, spoke for about 10 seconds.

# In a pre-dawn raid Sunday, clashes erupted when U.S. forces surrounded a suspected safehouse and nearby tent on the northern outskirts of Baghdad. After being fired upon, troops gunned down five suspected insurgents, and three others were killed in an air strike. Bombs and weapons were found inside the house, a U.S. statement said.

# In eastern Baghdad, a bomb left in a plastic bag on a minibus exploded on Palestine Street, killing two passengers and wounding five others, police said.

# Other bombings around Baghdad killed a policeman and wounded about a dozen others, police said. One of the attacks targeted police near a Sunni mosque in the western neighborhood of Ghazaliyah, wounding at least three people, police said. Another targeted a convoy of American military police, but there were no casualties, the U.S. military said.

Representatives of the seven factions within the United Iraqi Alliance made no final decisions during the Sunday meeting but agreed to form a three-member committee to discuss the crisis with Sunni Arab and Kurdish parties that have opposed al-Jaafari.

And still more good news

Other bombings around Baghdad killed a policeman and wounded about a dozen others, police said. One of the attacks targeted police near a Sunni mosque in the western neighborhood of Ghazaliyah, wounding at least three people, police said. Another targeted a convoy of American military police, but there were no casualties, the U.S. military said.

Police discovered four bodies, handcuffed and at least one shot in the head, in the Dora district of southern Baghdad.

In Baqouba, 35 miles northeast of Baghdad, a man allegedly making a bomb was killed when it accidentally exploded inside a house, police said. Police arrested six others in the house after hearing the explosion, police Maj. Karim al-Tamimi said.

In Najaf, officials raised the death toll from last week's car bombing of the Imam Ali mosque to 13. Three Iraqis wounded in the bombing died Saturday, said Dr. Issa Mohammed, director of the morgue at Najaf General Hospital.

An insurgent umbrella organization called the Mujahedeen Shura Council claimed responsibility for a Saturday attack against the Anbar provincial government headquarters in Ramadi, 75 miles west of Baghdad. U.S. officers said it was the strongest attack in six weeks, though there were no American casualties.

The "Freedom Day" holiday appeared to draw little public attention. The Iraqi Islamic Party, a the biggest Sunni party, issued a statement rejecting the day, saying it was "an anniversary of occupying Iraq, not liberating it."

So Kenny, when do you plan to apologize for trashing Cindy Sheehan, you know, that Gold Star mother who scares the President to his toes. Gonna let those families who mortgaged their fucking houses and begged their neighbors for that Dragon Skin armor the Army wants no part of have their kin use them?

Jenna and Babs gonna enlist soon?

When they do, we can talk about supporting freedom. Until then, it's just other people kids dying.

posted by Steve @ 12:02:00 AM

12:02:00 AM

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