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Comments by YACCS
Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Who gets to do this?

When Jill Fung travels with her children, she
sometimes enrolls them in a pastry class at a
Ritz-Carlton hotel.

The Stress/Fun Equation of Bringing Children on Business Trips

Published: February 28, 2006

The novelist Geraldine Brooks learned a hard lesson about child care on a book tour in New Zealand when her son was just a year old.

When Jill Fung travels with her children, she sometimes enrolls them in a pastry class at a Ritz-Carlton hotel.

"The publisher was sanguine about me bringing him, so I packed the organic purees, the convertible car seat and the diapers, and set off," Ms. Brooks said.

Before arriving in Wellington, she spoke by phone with a publicist there who offered to watch the boy, Nathaniel, while she appeared at events promoting "Foreign Correspondence" (Anchor/Doubleday, 1998).

"It's hard to say whose heart sank more when we met at the airport," said Ms. Brooks, whose latest novel "March," was published this month in paperback by Penguin. "Mine, seeing the 20-something vision in head-to-toe Prada, redolent of Chanel fragrance; or hers, seeing my infant with mashed apricot splattered all down his front, giving off a whiff of laden diaper."

Her talks about her book were punctuated, she said, "by the Doppler effect of Nathaniel's high-pitched crying as she wheeled him up and down the hills of Wellington."

Professionals say the art of traveling with children requires balancing business responsibilities with the need to make sure children get proper care. Even so, most parents who take their children on the road claim that the stressful moments are usually outweighed by the benefits.

"Given the choice, I'd rather have the time with my kids than miss them growing up without me," said Dawn Ostroff, president of the TV network UPN.

A survey conducted for the National Business Travel Association by the Travel Industry Association of America found that of the 210.5 million business trips taken in 2004, 10 percent involved adults with children in tow, with women more likely than men to take their children.

But only about 20 percent of female business executives take their offspring along. That percentage did not change from 1999 to 2003, according to studies sponsored by Wyndham International and conducted by the Tisch Center for Hospitality, Tourism and Sports Management at New York University


This is such horse shit. How many working parents have a) jobs that would even CONSIDER letting you take a kid on a BUSINESS TRIP and b) have the budget to do all the fancy day-care stuff described? What kind of Yupper East Side bullshit is this?

posted by Steve @ 3:35:00 PM

3:35:00 PM

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