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Saturday, March 04, 2006

White shoe lawyer accused of child rape

Alleged child rapist caught

Lolita Lawyer found half-naked in SoHo


The fugitive dubbed the "Lolita lawyer" for paying a Manhattan mom to have sex with her two teen daughters was caught yesterday in an East Village hotel room with his pants down - thanks to the Daily News.

James Colliton, 41, had checked into the St. Marks Hotel Thursday under the name Patrick Monsey, but his cover was blown by his own stupidity - and by yesterday's front page of The News, which prominently featured his picture.

Colliton tried to update his hotel registration yesterday using a different phony name, Patrick Waters, immediately raising the hotel clerk's suspicions.

"The [hotel] clerk was alert," said Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau. "He thought he [Colliton] looked like the picture on the front page of the Daily News, and he called the police."

At least nine detectives from the 9th Precinct raced to the hotel at St. Marks Place and Third Ave. and found Colliton in Room 26 alone, wearing only a T-shirt.

"I want my lawyer!" Colliton repeatedly demanded.

One detective replied, "How about your pants first?"

Cops found a bag in the room stuffed with $9,990, in mostly $50 and $100 bills, and 21 American Express $100 gift cards.

"He was absolutely rattled," said a police source. "His hands were shaking."

The arrest came a day after authorities admitted Colliton - who had been arrested last week in Toronto - was freed Tuesday by U.S. Border Patrol agents because of a delay in updating the status of his New York warrant.

Prosecutors claim the lawyer kept his wife and five kids in Poughkeepsie in the dark about his alleged secret life as a Jaguar-driving sex maniac who bedded girls in his secret E. 56th St. lair. "She didn't have a clue he was doing this," a source said of Colliton's wife.

The girl said she was Colliton's paid sex pet from 2001 to 2004, when her 13-year-old sister took her place with their mother's urging.

Colliton was arraigned in Manhattan Supreme Court on charges of second-degree rape, patronizing prostitutes and bribing witnesses. He faces up to seven years in prison if convicted.

"These allegations are false. Mr. Colliton never had sex of any kind with anyone underage," said defense attorney Alan Abramson.

But prosecutors said the facts suggest Colliton used his wealth to manipulate "impoverished young girls" for his pleasure.

Prosecutor Rachel Houchhouser's request that Colliton be jailed at Rikers Island without bail was granted after she told Justice Charles Solomon the suspect tried to bribe his victims into keeping quiet.

"He encouraged them and promised them things for lying to authorities," Houchhouser said.

Prosecutors have directed other victims to call detectives at (800) 577-TIPS.

But it gets better

I'm no pimp, sez accused mother


She stands accused of a crime unimaginable for a mother: pimping out her underage girls to a fat-cat attorney.

Her daughters have sold her out - telling police and the Daily News that she sent them to the lawyer's midtown love nest, then demanded half the girls' take.

But in an exclusive Rikers Island interview, she proclaimed her innocence to The News.

"I don't know why my daughters had to lie," she sobbed. "I would never prostitute my children. Why would I do that when I was trying to protect them?"

"He never gave me any money. He never gave me anything," the mother of six said, referring to accused lawyer James Colliton, 41. "If he would have given me money, my rent would have been paid. I would be living like a queen."

Police say the mother, whose identity is being withheld by The News to protect her daughters, prostituted two of her daughters to the married Poughkeepsie attorney for six years.

But the girls' mom claimed she barely knew Colliton - knowing him only as the older boyfriend of her niece. She said her older daughter and her niece "hung out" with Colliton for several years.
Too bad she told her neighbor that "her kids work for her" and that was all over the news last night. If she's smart, she'll roll over, do her time and go in the system, hoping she can make it.Unlike the alleged baby raper, she won't get top drawer legal help.

This alleged child rapist was a tax lawyer for the ultimate white shoe law firm, Cravath, Swain and Moore, who promptly fired his ass. He was bringing in $500K a year.

Usually, guys like this find a reason to go to Thailand or the Phillippines so they can rape children and avoid jail. But this guy picked poor minority kids to turn into his sex harem, thinking he could buy them or their mother, in at least one case.

posted by Steve @ 7:43:00 PM

7:43:00 PM

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