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Comments by YACCS
Wednesday, March 15, 2006

We're all commies

The workers vanguard of Daily Kos
readers unite to smash the forces
of reaction

Washington Post unilaterally declares DailyKos to be "the left wing" of the Democratic party
by John in DC - 3/15/2006 04:59:00 PM

Yes, another fabrication from that front page Washington Post story today about Senator Feingold and censure. This time the Washington Post decides, based on absolutely nothing, that the DailyKos blog represents the "left wing" of the Democratic party:
The left wing of the party has greeted Feingold's censure call ecstatically. He was the front-runner in a Jan. 31 survey of 2008 presidential candidates by the liberal blog Daily Kos.
I know Markos, who runs DailyKos. I've been a reader of DailyKos for years. And while DailyKos is certainly a Democratic blog and a liberal blog, I'm having a hard time understanding how the Washington Post decided today, on its front page, AS A FACT that needs no attribution whatsoever, that DailyKos represents the left wing of the Democratic party.

We are now at the point where major American newspapers are simply making things up in order belittle Democrats. It is no mistake that DailyKos - which isn't just the most-visited liberal blog, it's the most-visited political blog EVER - is the subject of the Washington Post's subtle and ongoing attempt at marginalization. Take down the big dog, and the rest will follow.

(And make no mistake. That is exactly what this is all about. It is no coincidence that the Washington Post is now parroting GOP talking points that routinely try to trivialize any Democrat who starts to show any backbone. They've been systematically trying to marginalize Bill Clinton, Howard Dean, George Soros, Michael Moore, MoveOn, and more. Any Democrat who takes a stand is instantly painted as fringe by the GOP, then the Washington Post and the New York Times are only too happy to repeat the newly-minted lie as long-established truth.)

And even were the Post to argue that their slight was unintentional, it doesn't really matter. No serious journalist should be quoting "facts" with no attribution whatsoever, especially when those facts are made up out of thin air.

Stop referring to the liberal blogs as being the left wing, the far-left, the base, etc. of the Democratic party. You are making this stuff up, and you will continue to be held accountable for this outright partisan fabrication of the news.
Jesus. I'm tired of this as well. Kos is filled with moderates, not the cringing Vichy Dems which exist only in Washington. I know it's easy to say Kos is part of the vast, crazed left, but that's just a straight up fucking lie.

It is just as accurate to call it the Revolutionary Vanguard of Maoists in America.

posted by Steve @ 5:40:00 PM

5:40:00 PM

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