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Comments by YACCS
Sunday, March 12, 2006

They drove me crazy

"Thanks for the DVD player, Claude"

"Sure thing, Mr. President."

"Hope you didn't spend too much for it"

"Got it for a real bargain, Mr. President"

Former Aide's Arrest Surprises Friends and Colleagues

Published: March 12, 2006


The police accused Mr. Allen of going to stores on more than 25 occasions and buying items, taking them to his car and then returning to the store with his receipt. He would then pick up the same items he had just bought and return them for a refund, the police said. The incidents were said to have occurred while Mr. Allen was still in his job as Mr. Bush's domestic policy adviser.

Through his lawyer, Mr. Allen denied the charges, saying there was a mix-up concerning his credit card.


Mr. Bush said on Saturday that he was saddened by the charges against Mr. Allen. He said the information in the charges was different from the account that Mr. Allen had given to the White House.

"If the allegations are true, Claude Allen did not tell my chief of staff and legal counsel the truth, and that's deeply disappointing," Mr. Bush told journalists after a White House briefing on Iraq. "If the allegations are true, something went wrong in Claude Allen's life, and that is really sad. When I heard the story last night I was shocked. And my first reaction was one of disappointment, deep disappointment that — if it's true — that we were not fully informed."


Mr. Allen, who was appointed to his White House job last year, at the start of Mr. Bush's second term, resigned abruptly in February, citing a desire to spend more time with his family. Earning $161,000 at the time, he was one of the top-paid staff members in the White House and one of the highest-ranking African-Americans on the staff.

Mr. Allen is charged with carrying out a felony theft scheme, which can result in a 15-year prison sentence.

The Montgomery County police said they were contacted by a manager at the Target store in Gaithersburg concerning an incident on Jan. 2, in which Mr. Allen is accused of having fraudulently tried to get a refund for items he did not buy.

A police spokesman said that a subsequent investigation, including video surveillance footage, revealed that Mr. Allen had illegally received fraudulent refunds from various stores.


In the last eight years — as secretary of health and human resources in Virginia, as the No. 2 official at the federal Department of Health and Human Services and as a White House aide — Mr. Allen emphasized the importance of hard work, personal responsibility and self-sufficiency.

He described himself as a market-oriented conservative. His children were schooled at home. He advocated sexual abstinence before marriage and supported abstinence education programs.

In an essay in The Richmond Times-Dispatch in 2001, Mr. Allen said he had witnessed the beginnings of the Great Society while growing up in the inner city of Washington in the late 1960's and early 1970's.

"Just when today's welfare state was being created," Mr. Allen wrote, "my mother and father were instilling in my brother and me the principles of self-government and self-worth, not what Uncle Sam could do for us.

I hate guys like him.

I bet he was quick to sneer at brothers trying to catch a break, and disparaged them. Now, his ass is in the system and Bush is tossing him under the bus.

Does self-worth include allegedly stealing from Target?

He bought into the whole wingnut practice, thought he had escaped even his color. You can bet they were grooming his wingnut ass to run for something, and in the end, it drove him mad. He realized that no matter how much he sang the team fight song, he'd always be a waterboy.

posted by Steve @ 12:15:00 AM

12:15:00 AM

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