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Comments by YACCS
Friday, March 24, 2006


Look, folks, it's racist redstate Ben in his shell

Our widdle whiny-ass titty baby friends at RedState don't like the way that widdle Ben has bween tweated by the mean old Netroots

My ass bleeds for them


What a pathetic excuse for a movement.

I'm talking about the Netroots. Whatever they want to be called today - liberal, progressive, Democrat, pro-abortion - it's all the same movement. On election night 2004, the Netroots became the guiding force of the modern left, and since then they have worked diligently to organize and codify their strength.

However, in the end, this the thing at which the Netroots excels. Not fundraising, not mobilizing for candidates. Hell, not even developing and articulating a message about what they stand for. We don't need to guess what they stand for - it's on display with every bell and whistle available. The energy being consumed by their current effort is simply astounding. Imagine if they brought the same force to bear on actual politics!

The bitterness, despondancy, and hopelessness of their movement can now only manifest itself as hate. Pure hate, prejudicial attacks, and rampant accusations are their message. Their platform incubated at the safe havens of Daily Kos, MyDD, and Atrios. Thousands of satellite blogs and message boards anxiously awaiting a dispatch from this "Axis of Idiocy", and faithfully linking and emailing without a modicum of sanity checking.

Serious debate? Exchange of ideas? No need to bother with those. We have framing! We can just frame our opponents the way we want, and then criticism can be deflected. Racists. Homophobes. Evangelicals. Put the conservatives in a little box, put a label on them, and light the fire in a Burning-Man-style orgy of hate. "Damn the consequences, it feels great to make someone look smaller than me!"

And somehow they square this notion - that conservatives are at the same time worthy of dismissal, and yet worthy of attack. Which is it? Are we irrelevant or are we a force to contend with? Are we an accidental majority or simply closet liberals who haven't yet 'understood the message'?

There was a day not so long ago that a man was asked to stand up and explain his actions. In fact, given an opportunity to talk with others so that erroneous conclusions were not made. In politics, that day is gone. Complaints about the bitter, divisive atmosphere in Washington are justified.

Redstate is not deterred. We are emboldened. We stand together, bound by ideology and a desire to advance the conservative movement. The movement is bigger than me, you, or Redstate


Sit the fuck down, shut the fuck up and come and take your beating like a man.

Your little racist buddy Ben is a serial plagiarizer and trader in hate. How does he explain slurring Coretta Scott King on the day of her funeral? "Overblown term? Fuck you.
It's a racist slur from the '60's and he learned it at mommy's knee.

The man admires Jefferson Davis, slaveholder to the last. Why does he admire him? His leadership? His fleeing the Union in a dress, what is it about Jeff Davis which is admirable. My suspsicion? He kept the niggers in their place.

That little quote from Neuhaus? The racism in it is so obvious it irritates me to explain it, but here's the deal, linking black birth to crime is racist. You don't have to go any futher. And former red stater and CENTCOM bitch Josh "killing the Hussein brothers will end the war" Trevino, can argue what he wants, but he's full of shit.

You don't want to be called racists, don't fucking be racists. Blanton's little post only needed a Stars and Bars to complete it's racist screed.


Try proof.

Like this

There's nothing to explain. Your boy Box Turtle Ben steals the work of others and claims it as his own and has done so since he was a teenager. Maybe now we know why he defended Claude Allen. They both like to allegedly steal shit which isn't theirs.

The fact, the sad, undeniable fact is that Ben IS smaller than you, and every person who bothers to create their own words and express their own thoughts. He could be forgiven if he played fast and loose with the truth on high school reports, but he's a reporter and editor, and regardless of his racist attitudes, he should be held to the standards of the profession.

And if you're curious, it says "no plagiarism".

Oh yeah, now you want us to listen to Box Turtle Ben's little lies about how someone else is to blame for the errors in his work, like stealing a PJ O'Rourke piece wholesale, without attribution,
and parts of Salon reviews. I use other people's work every day, but with credit. I know mommy made Ben special, but he doesn't have the right to steal the work of others for his own

Remember how you chortled at Dan Rather's fate, a braver and more honest man than you people will ever be? See how it feels on the other foot? Not much fun, is it.

Update: This just gets funnier

We Must Defend.
By: Erick · Section: News

It's true. Ben Domenech is Augustine. And I stand behind him 100%. He has said nothing filled with racism or hate, or bigotry. In fact, Ben has been a leader in keeping those he dubs the "evilcons" off RedState. Unbeknownst to all of you, RedState continually self-polices and purges its own ranks of those who might be allies, but are too filled with hate to function in the internet society we choose to create. We would not without Ben's insistence at the creation of RedState be so self-policing.

Ben is accused of being a racist, gay, homophobe, an incestuous lover of his own mother, a partisan, evil, and now a plagarist. He is, according to the left, a right wing Stephen Glass who gets his jollies off with his mother. Only Stephen Glass could actually make that up -- or a jealous group of haters. The lies told, from charges of plagarism to ties to Jack Abramoff are hyperbolic lies. There are no facts or truths related to any of these charges. They are meant to destroy a good and decent human being because of hate and jealousy.

Those blogs attacking the Washington Post and Ben are so hate filled and envious, they refuse to accept Froomkin as one of their own. That's one reason they continue to lose the debate -- the reality based community denies reality. It's another reason they are disingenous in this argument. Horror of horrors they now have to share the Washington Post's blog with Ben. How terrible.

For a group of people who yell at my side saying we censor them, jail them, and otherwise silence them, who now is censoring, silencing, and viciously, irrationally attacking? It's not Ben. It's not me. it's not my side. His WaPo posts have been measured, reasonable, and pointed. In fact, no one on the other side has bothered to take on his posts -- they are too busy attacking Ben and his family.


Ben Domenech deserves our full advocacy and defense. He has done nothing wrong and does not deserve urban legends about his wrong doing solely because of the lies of those who are jealous of his success. Should the other side win, they will be emboldened. And should they win, one of our own who has done no wrong will be immeasurable hurt by the hate, lies, and jealousy of those who would just as easily do it to you or me.

We must defend Ben.

Mar 24th, 2006: 00:40:44
Full discussion:


So, saying Coretta Scott King was a commie isn't racist? Well, this from the man who wants to restore the Poll Tax to Georgia and denies the obvious racism in it, well, his opinion doesn't mean shit to me.

Young Erick wouldn't know what racism was if the burning cross singed his robes at a lynching. Here is a man who has devised a way to supress the vote of thousands of American citizens, and he wants to act as if race isn't one of his motivations? Please.

Sorry, but young Ben is a racist, is a homophobe and is, most importantly, a serial plagiarist.

Look, you guys are over your heads. We're not 24 year old kids. We have some standards and we're going to defend what we think is right and attack what we think is wrong. Ben steals. He steals other people's words as his own and glibly embraces race hatred like some people get tattoos and piercings. It's la moda conservative.

Only problem is some folks don't forgive and forget that.

Oh, and Dan Froomkin isn't "one of us". He's a journalist. Just because we like his work, doesn't mean he does what Kos or atrios does.

At first, all we wanted to know when the Post would hire a liberal counterpart. Now, we want to know why they've hired an open racist and plagiarist. And you can deny it all you want, not that your denials mean a damn thing, Mr. Poll Tax, but Domenech doesn't like black people and doesn't go far to hide it.

posted by Steve @ 10:03:00 AM

10:03:00 AM

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