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Monday, March 27, 2006

Nothing done

Ground Zero 2002-2006

Spitzer raises concerns about viability of Freedom Tower plans

March 25, 2006, 3:35 PM EST

NEW YORK (AP) _ Democratic gubernatorial candidate Eliot Spitzer said he was concerned about the economic prospects of the project to build the Freedom Tower at ground zero.

Speaking in an interview on the NY1 cable news station on Friday, Spitzer, the state's attorney general, said that if he is elected governor and finds that the impediments which have delayed the project are not resolved, he will move quickly to solve them.

Spitzer, who is leading in polls for the Democratic nomination for governor, expressed doubts about the massive 1,776-foot Freedom Tower.

"I certainly think that there's a very serious question about the economic viability of the Freedom Tower," Mr. Spitzer said. "The prospect that the Freedom Tower would be built and would sit there vacant as essentially a white elephant that would sap the entire cash available to build the other buildings, is something that is very problematic."


In the NY1 interview, Spitzer said that if anyone is responsible for leaving the dispute unresolved, it's Gov. George Pataki. A Pataki spokesman, David Catalfamo, told The New York Times, "It must be campaign season, because it's the first time that I've heard Eliot Spitzer mention the words 'ground zero' in four years."
Because Pataki has had a stranglehold on Ground Zero since 2001. No one thought that the stagnation would continue for this long. It is clear that there is no one, single plan for the site, and last year Donald Trump jumped in and said to rebuild the towers to applause.

Yeah, he can be a dick, but his point was that something needed to be done and nothing is.

Everyone is at each other's throats, even the memorial is controversal, with police and fire demanding recognition for their members. Pataki wants to run for president, please, his inability to get this to work is amazing. Bloomberg and Spitzer are on the same page in wanting to Silverstein to go away. The great fear is that he will go bankrupt.

The plan to only build office space there is silly. The area is the last part of Manhattan to shut down at 5 PM. They need more there. People already live in some of the old office buildings near Wall Street, there has to be more than delis and the South Street Seaport. It would be nice to have it turn into a neighborhood.

As far as the 9/11 families go, some hate the memorial, some want it to be over. But the whole mess is just tiring, and now people are dropping dead because of the air in the days after the attack. A tiring, sad mess which seems is never going to end.

posted by Steve @ 1:55:00 AM

1:55:00 AM

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