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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

NASCAR's problem

Will not be president

What does Barack Obama have to do with NASCAR?

What's Better? His Empty Suit or Her Baggage?

Published: March 15, 2006

Everyone was curious to hear Barack Obama, the Democratic speaker. He arrived last year as a star, then lapsed into a cipher, even getting punk'd by John McCain last month. In the capital's version of "Dancing With the Stars," Senator Obama won, turning in a smooth, funny performance that lifted him from his tyro track.

He tweaked fellow Democrats, telling the white-tie crowd: "Men in tails. Women in gowns. An orchestra playing, as folks reminisce about the good old days. Kind of like dinner at the Kerrys."

He mocked the president's unauthorized snooping, saying he'd "asked my staff to conduct all phone conversations in the Kenyan dialect of Luo." He advised W. to "spy on the Weather Channel, and find out when big storms are coming."

After saying he'd enjoyed the Olympic biathlon of shooting and skiing, he, deadpan, turned to Dick Cheney: "Probably not your sport, Mr. Vice President."

It may be true that Americans, as one Democrat told me, "will never elect a guy as president who has a name like a Middle East terrorist."

So what does this have to do with NASCAR?

Well, let me set the ground.

Hockey is in decline. Rating and attendence are at new lows after a year long strike. There is a real contest between soccer and NASCAR to replace Hockey as America's fourth sport.

NASCAR wants desperately to be the winner. They're running races in Mexico, they want to run in New York, and other places outside the South.

The problem is that NASCAR has a stigma of being a "Southern" sport. With ALL that implies. While NASCAR has attempted to put a nice road show in place, most sports fans outside the South think the sport is silly, and it doesn't help matters that the country's premier auto race, the Indy 500, is not a NASCAR race.

Listen to this, it will take a couple of minutes, but listen:

Two DJ's call a NASCAR fan in Mississippi.

Near the end of his rant, you will hear the following words "ball-licking Democrats". Politics is NOT the topic of this call.

What you need to understand is that the real jedi mind trick that the GOP has pulled is not with religion or taxes but race. They have tagged the Democrats as the anti-white man party throughout most of the South.

Listen to the MP3 and you'll see why this will keep Obama from being president and NASCAR growing beyond the South.

posted by Steve @ 4:01:00 PM

4:01:00 PM

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