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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Let's ban Muslims

15/03/2006 : Dutch set would-be immigrants a 'blue movie' test
The camera focuses on two gay men kissing in a park. Later, a topless woman emerges from the sea and walks on to a crowded beach. For would-be immigrants to The Netherlands, this film is a test of their readiness to participate in the liberal Dutch culture.

If they can't stomach it, no need to apply.

Whether or not they find the film offensive, applicants must buy a copy and watch it if they hope to pass The Netherlands' new entrance examination.

The test – the first of its kind in the world – became compulsory today, and was made available at 138 Dutch embassies around the world. Taking the exam costs £240 (€360).($437)
Not everyone is happy with the new test. Dutch theologian Karel Steenbrink criticised the 105-minute movie, saying it would be offensive to some Muslims.

There are some major exemptions. EU nationals, asylum-seekers and skilled workers who earn more than £31,000 (€45,000) per year will not be required to take the 30-minute computerised exam. Also, citizens of the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan and Switzerland are exempt.

Mohammed Sini, the chairman of Islam and Citizenship, a national Muslim organisation, defended the film, saying that homosexuality is "a reality." Sini urged all immigrants "to embrace modernity."

Gilly--please tag this up. I think it's a great idea. The last thing the Netherlands needs is to have more sexism and homophobia shoved down its throat in the name of "respecting" other cultures. This is a great litmus test.

Actually, it's a shitty litmus test because the Dutch don't have the balls to ban Muslims outright. How many members of the Dutch Reformed Church would fail that test.

And exempting Americans? Who the fuck are they fooling? Homophobia in America is like buying McDonalds. If acceptance of homosexuality was really an issue, Americans would be first in line to have this applied to. And most would fail and fail badly.

Why not apply that to every Dutch police candidate as well?

No one desperate to live in Holland will fail this test, but they will remember the insult.

posted by Steve @ 11:13:00 AM

11:13:00 AM

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