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Comments by YACCS
Saturday, March 18, 2006

It's your money

It's yours to do with as you want

You know, all those Washington insiders who are so scared of Kos, and are being helped by people like those at the American Prospect, who truly fear Democracy of the masses, miss a central point: it's your money.

Now some of the cretins at Kos defending this, live in fear that the bad men will use this to sponsor candidates. The bad men have think tanks and PAC's to do that now. They don't need the internets.

No folks, this isn't about Kos, but you. This isn't about some unaccountable blogger funnelling money to candidate or any such bullshit which wouldn't last five minutes in a federal courtroom. Because the only money he's funnelling is to his lawyer for the closing of his new house. Unless it came from his bank account, he hasn't sent money to any candidate that he controlled. I would say I've benefitted from his largess more than any politician.

Good government groups appeal to the better angels of our nature, but as Matt Stoller says, their ideas suck. You want to end corruption in government, make sure that elections are publicly funded. Then it will all end.

But short of this, their arguments are bullshit.

Here's why: it's your money.

I can say "people, I think the PSP is the shit. I've bought one and you need one too". Now, I haven't, but if I had, does that make me a Sony agent? Don't you have the free will to say "fuck Steve and his video games, I'm saving up to go to Lush" or "Bullshit, I like the Nintendo DS better".

Now, if I post updates of people who buy PSP's, does that mean I get a cut of the sales?


Kos, at best, is an aggregator. He can get likeminded people together to act in a coordinated fashion. Kinda like our NCAA pool, except I'm handing out prizes. He doesn't even do that. In fact, being in the NCAA pool is far more labor intensive than reading Daily Kos and going to Act Blue or a campaign site.

You actually have to make decisions, sign up.

But is aggregation the same as a PAC?

No. Because you decide to participate or not. Once a PAC gets money, you have no further control over where it goes.

All he's doing is standing on a street corner and saying "spend your money here"

So why does this bother people?

Because they lose control. It means you can choose who YOU want to support YOUR ideas.

You know, the Greens and Nader were big on "citizen government", but they never really wanted to see it happen. What they want is people to follow their leadership, from the people they pick. And the Washington insiders and their friends think you're too fucking stupid to figure out what to do. Hell, all they want to do is use you as a piggy bank to elect their people. They don't want you to make any real choices.

What Kos does is place that power in your hands. You decide where the money goes. Not some committee.

Which is why this bullshit came up.

When Garance compared the conflicted and corrupted racist Red State to Kos, I nearly spit out my turkey wrap. She's a bright woman, but she doesn't trust them internets bloggers either. She doesn't go to work in her pajamas. She dresses up and sits in an office in Boston and wonders why shouldn't these folks play by rules. Rules which make sense to her, but would fuck you over.

Why? Because the world she depicted was as fictional as a Tom Clancy president.

We don't have some mind bending power to direct you to spend money. If we did, Atrios and I would be speeding between cities in our new Boxters and chattiing on our Sattelite phones as Kos built his seaside mansion and Josh Marshall lived in his 5th Avenue penthouse.

In reality, we can cheerlead and encourage, but the power is in your hands. We don't control how you spend your money. We may have some trusted influence, but that's different than signing the checks.

Making Kos turn into a campaign committee is insane. Why? Because he doesn't even know how much money he's directing to a campaign and admitted as much last week. So now, asking you to support a candidate and putting up a link is the same as NARAL? Where are my offices, my young female assitants working for the cause of the News Blog?

Let's stop being silly. This is about control. They want to control bloggers because they fear collective action, it's comminist or sumthin'.

And people who should know better are spouting bullshit to achieve this.

posted by Steve @ 10:13:00 AM

10:13:00 AM

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