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Comments by YACCS
Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I agree with Bush

Bush's last day

Bush says Iraq pullout up to 'future presidents'
Warns leaving too soon would boost Al Qaeda

By Susan Milligan, Globe Staff | March 22, 2006

WASHINGTON -- President Bush suggested yesterday that US troops might stay in Iraq beyond his presidency, which ends in 2009, saying at a press conference that the issue of removing troops from the country ''will be decided by future presidents and future governments of Iraq."

The president, responding to aggressive questioning at the hastily arranged morning session, declined to give a timetable for pulling US soldiers out of the increasingly unpopular war. But he warned several times about the danger of a ''premature" withdrawal.

''There's no question that if we were to prematurely withdraw and the march to democracy were to fail, then Al Qaeda would be emboldened," Bush said. ''Terrorist groups would be emboldened. The Islamo-fascists would be emboldened."

Asked whether his comments signaled that a complete pullout would not happen during the three remaining years of his presidency, Bush said the decision would be left up to the generals ''on the ground" in Iraq.

Bush's comments -- widely seen as an attempt to shift public expectations away from the notion of a quick pullout -- dovetailed with comments yesterday by Prime Minister Tony Blair of Britain, the leading US ally in the war.

''This is not a clash between civilizations, it is a clash about civilization," Blair said, emphasizing that Iraq is just one piece of the larger war on terrorism.

Oh, I agree. President Hastert will be withdrawing what is left of US troops. I don't think Bush has another six months of sanity in him. And Cheney lies about his health like Doyle Brunson lies about his poker hands.

I don't think Bush sees 2009 in the White House. I don't think he has it in him. Too much is up in the air for Bush to not have something land on him with both feet, my bet is the collaspe of the Iraqi "government", but it could be a Rove indictment or Abramoff or illegal spying. Bush has problems everywhere and no resiliency to deal with them.

And I think something else, as the election draws near, people are going to be far more willing to elect people willing to impeach him.

There was a LOT of caterwalling on the left about Russ Feingold's censure move. Which I think was smart to get in the open, but WAY too early to really vote on. People are used to the idea. It will come up again.

I don't think we'll get to impechment. Because Bush is a weak man, a man living in a fantasy world. America is living in Bush's Days of Wine and Roses.

When you're a young man, being a drunk playboy is cute. Bush had some sharp, mean edges to him which made it less appealing, but still, as Prince Hal, he was tolerable. But as a leader, he's more MacBeth than Henry V, with Dick Cheney as Lady MacBeth, pushing him on to further crimes.

People say he's going to blame the liberals or the media, but that won't work. Bush pushed this war way past its sellby date to the point where he's delusional, where jokes about Army Group Steiner make more sense every day.

No president can wage an unpopular war for years to come. The US Army will reach a crisis this summer, as people flee the military and recruiting hits a dry hole. Liberals seem to forget that Iraq is not in Bush's hands alone. There are many other players and they can send Iraq into a tailspin any time they choose.

Bush cannot be told the truth, so people die. But reality hits even the driest of drunks and Bush's presidency is winding down. And we're not talking three years. He can't wage a war with opposition at 80 percent and it's getting there. His hopes for his presidency relies on crooked, selfish men with seperate agendas in Iraq.

They can't even form a govenment worth anything.

So when Bush says the next president will havre troops in Iraq, he's absolutely right. Only problem, we're not talking about 2009.

posted by Steve @ 7:19:00 AM

7:19:00 AM

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