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Monday, March 06, 2006

How stupid are right wing bloggers

Anna Nicole Smith: as smart as most right
wing bloggers

Incomprehensible Demoralization has this up

Isn't She Great?
You know, every now and then I get a taste for a good old fashioned train-wreck. (Even though I just read somebody saying, "Train-wrecks are so '04!" on someone else's blog.) You know the kind of girl I mean. Big earrings. Bronzer. Goes to Republican events looking to get laid. Yeaaaah. Sometimes I miss the good old days of people like Venomous Kate. And who could forget that girl who said, "Imagine no liberals!" back in '03? What the hell was her name?

So, thank god for Pam at Atlas Shrugs. Uh-huh. When I need a good strong dose of sycophantic tropism, split ends, and split infinitives, I go slumming through that part of town. And today, Missy Pamela, she coughed up a real hairball. She said that John Zogby (mild mannered pollster) and Jim Zogby (Arab American Institute, DNC, semi-frothing partisan) ARE THE SAME MAN!! AH-HA!!

Bruce asks How reliable is Zogby poll of military in Iraq? Bruce that is not the question.

The question is how reliable is Zogby period.

Jason over at Generation why weighs in with Democrats Get Paralysis of Analysis

Zogby is wildly anti-Bush, anti-Israel, anti-Republican. I have written of Zogby's bias numerous times..........what folllows are remarks from a comment thread October 16th before the Presidential election here;

Zogby has accused Israel of abusing human rights and acting like a colonizer, similar to the "genocidal treatment of the Native Americans and enslavement of African-Americans."'

He is a known Anti-Semite and hater of Israel.


Stop! Pam! You're killing me!

Our buxom heroine then goes on to "fisk" a Zogby poll, indulge in a spit-take, and go on a very, very, very lengthy rant about the Middle East. Someone was kind enough to correct her error in her comments section, but put on your hip waders before you go in there, kids. You might catch teh stoopid.

Oh, Pam, keep this up and no one's ever going to buy you that (*cough!*incredibly tacky!*cough!*) Cartier watch on your Amazon Wish List.

UPDATE!: But wait, there's more! In her comments section, dear Pam insists that she KNOWS they're brothers, like, DUH!

Oh puhleeeeeze............

I know they are brothers. There is a definitive taint there. Zogby's polls are skewed. And one can only imagine the conversation at their cozy family dinner.

Jesus Christmas, you stupid cooze! Quit while you're behind!

UPDATE 2: And now homegirl has closed comments on the thread and is deleting anything that's less than flattering. You know what to do, kids. Just comment on the most recent post. She'll get the message

I'm surprised Wolcott, who also wrote on this, didn't pick up on the most obvious thing of all: Jim Zogby was an elected Democratic politican. John Zogby is a noted Republican pollster. Besides the fact that they live in different states and have different politics, yeah, you can confuse them.

Zogby is known in these parts as the Pollster for the New York Post. He also worked for Al D'Amato

Pam, who should heed the advice of John Podhoretz on Ayn Rand, is a total fucking idiot. Two minutes of research would have shown these guys may have the same parents, but vastly different political careers.

You know, when you have this many delusions, you need to get treated,

posted by Steve @ 3:19:00 AM

3:19:00 AM

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