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Comments by YACCS
Thursday, March 30, 2006

From the people who brought you Ken Blackwell

All yours

Failing their own
March 30, 2006

I'M THINKING of a cabal of radical legislators who don't reflect the views of average Americans or even the interests of their own constituents. They use wedge issues, play the race card and push their party to the ideological extreme. They collude with outside activists, many of whom use religion as a Trojan horse for a radical political agenda.

Sound like those perennial paladins of villainy, the congressional GOP? Guess again. This is the Congressional Black Caucus.

The caucus lives in a fantasy in which it is the "conscience of the Congress." Immune to the sort of scrutiny that many other groups receive, it has benefited from the soft bigotry of low expectations for decades.

As the Economist recently noted, gerrymandering and Democratic politics have resulted in a caucus well to the left of black America. Only four of 43 members of the group voted to ban partial-birth abortion in 2003, even though a majority of blacks favored such a ban. Most African Americans favor school choice, but because the caucus is firmly ensconced in the teacher-union racket, it bars the schoolhouse door to black kids who want a better education via vouchers. A majority of blacks oppose outright racial quotas, but don't tell that to the caucus. Or that blacks are heavily opposed to gay marriage.

Why pick on the blacks in Congress? Because they represent black leadership in America, and it has been on their watch that black America has descended into such a mess.

There's a lot of Marxist-infused nonsense about how economics are at the root of black America's problems. But this doesn't hold up to scrutiny. Of course poverty makes social pathologies worse, but it's the pathologies that cause poverty in the first place.

Family breakdown in the black community has occurred despite a steady rise in the wages of blacks since World War II, when 80% were born to married parents. Racism alone cannot be blamed anymore for causing all black problems. By every measure, racism, particularly official racism, has declined even as these problems have worsened.

Racism is surely still a problem, but it pales in comparison to family breakdown. Nothing more perpetuates the cycle of moral and financial poverty. If you are raised by two married parents today, black or white, it is unlikely that you will be poor, or poor for long. Blaming slavery and historic white racism for family erosion may be satisfying — often accurate — but it promises few solutions.
Obviously, black America's problems are larger than the black caucus. But the caucus has failed to provide the morally serious leadership — leadership that builds on the historic social conservatism and self-reliance of African Americans — that is sorely needed.

This, from a man who thought black people drowning was a larf.

Once again, doughy pantsload seems to not get that his opinion means nothing to black people, and the Uncle Ruckus clones he wants to push have zero credibility with African Americans.

Um, black people don't support vouchers in large enough numbers to push it through. We're going to watch Cory Booker lose on that issue this year in Newark.

Official racism? So Wal Mart isn't being sued for not promoting blacks, black men aren't less likely to hired than any other group of Americans, and schools aren't segregated.

Has it ever occured to doughy pantsload why you can't run as a Republican in black districts? Why black Republicans and their allies are revilled?

If the CBC didn't represent their districts, then they couldn't win. Many people think that they aren't liberal enough. The Black Commentator ran a study which showed the political leanings of the African American community would best be described as Swedish Social Democrats. Which is why the CBC looks like it does and Michael Steele has little traction in the black community.

But doughy pantsload doesn't note the change in American society and just dumps them on black people.

None of the issues he mentioned matter as much as education and employment to black people, no matter howmuch he'd like them to. And one of the leading groups of black professionals happen to be teachers. Who are far more trusted than white politicians and pundits.

Besides, his "concern" for black people is a joke. He works for the most virulently racist mainstream publication in America, one which has changed little since it opposed integration in the 1950's, well, they let Jews and blacks work for them now.

If he thinks the CBC isn't representative, GOP candidates can run in these districts and we can see what happens.

I hope the Times is deluged with replies to this nonsense.

posted by Steve @ 10:58:00 AM

10:58:00 AM

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