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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Dear Mr. Graham

Was this like Contra 3 for you?

Donald Graham
Washington Post

Mr. Graham,

As a former Marine and DC police officer, I am sure you have seen a great deal of violence in your life. However, your newest columnist seems to think that war is like a video game. You might want to inform him differently.

Ben Domenech on soldiers dying in the Iraq war (March 10, 2003):

This aversion to any sort of bodybag in the context of war is something my brother Ellis and I have mocked before, at length: we like to call it the "Contra 3 Syndrome." In Contra, one of the most popular arcade games ever (unrelated to the South American resistance), you play a soldier blasting away at baddies (in the 3rd installment, for the SNES, it's alien baddies) with oversized weaponry in a side-scrolling firefight. It's an entertaining game, but extremely short--Contra 3 is only 6 levels long. Besides, you really need all three of your lives to deal with the last boss--so a lot of people who play the game will restart the minute they lose their first life. Ellis and I are more likely to make it to the end with only one life left, but hey, that's the point of the game, not erasing/restarting every time anyone dies. Modern War isn't exactly like Contra, and it's a good deal longer than any 6-level game.


posted by Steve @ 5:42:00 PM

5:42:00 PM

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