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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Crazy Joementum

Seems Joe lost it big fucking time today. The bloggers are coming, the bloggers are coming.

Howie Klein, take a bow. You jumped all in Joe's shit.

Joe Lieberman's meltdown
by Scarce [Subscribe]
Wed Mar 22, 2006 at 08:05:26 PM PDT

Today on WTIC News/Talk radio from Hartford listeners were treated to an angry meltdown from Joe Lieberman. Joe took exception to a recent column in the Hartford Courant by the man who was interviewing him, Colin McEnroe.

(The interview can be heard at or downloaded via (right click and "save as".)

Image Hosted by

In the column McEnroe had the temerity to suggest he'd vote for Ned Lamont after twenty years of voting for Lieberman.

I'm a registered Democrat, and, like a lot of my species here in Connecticut, I don't know whom I'm going to vote for in August. If I had to vote tomorrow, I'd vote for Ned Lamont, but I'd leave the polling place shaking my head, wondering what the hell happened to Joe Lieberman.

This angered Joe. A lot. But what really got his dander up was what followed.

"It's time for Democrats who distrust President Bush to acknowledge that he will be the commander in chief for three more critical years and that in matters of war we undermine the president's credibility at our nation's peril," Lieberman said.

Joe threw a not so Senatorial conniption fit. Not that McEnroe's lead-in thrilled dear old Joe

As much as I admire Lieberman's willingness to stand on principle, I've noticed an arrogance creeping in. It's one thing to support the war and the president, which he does. It's another to say, as he did last year, that those who do not parrot his support are unpatriotic.

...but that somehow the meaning of the statement was perverted somehow by being taken out of context. Joe spat out that McEnroe must have got that from "some bloggers", apparently because they specialize in that. McEnroe responded that no had gotten it directly from The New York Times, to which kindly avuncular old Joe Lieberman retorted "was just as bad".

Joe tried to convince him that the offnsive quote was from a speech where he had decried the poisonous partisanship in Washington as increasingly harmful, and not that we must follow Bush blindly or those that criticize Dear Leader were unpatriotic.

And it did sound as if he himself believed that was what he meant. But McEnroe didn't sound convinced and I doubt anyone listening to his spattering explanation did either. Especially not when later Joe's condescension of his inferiors would lead him to spout that it would be, and I quote, foolish and irresponsible to vote against a man of his background and credentials, a man with "a proven track record of getting things done for Connecticut", for an unproven upstart who had so far his only elected office had been as a Greenwich Board of Selectman. You could just see the good Senator sneering as these words spat from his mouth.

Especially ironic given that just last week Ned Lamont was the angry candidate, supposedly. Lamont had clearly irked Lieberman when he quipped "No one will ever accuse me of being George Bush's favorite Democrat."

"Mr. Lamont is clearly going to run a very negative and angry campaign where the truth doesn't get in the way."Hartford Courant

Image Hosted by
"Angry" Ned Lamont

Later on near the end McEnroe would bring up Lieberman's closeness to George W. Bush. Again Joe took great offense. He was positively miffed. Joe again went into a great litany of his differences with the administration, so strong he felt the need to run against the President in '04. [McEnroe may have snickered out loud at that point, but maybe I imagined it.] Then Joe mentioned the current atmosphere in Washington being as bad as during the Clinton years when the Republicans went after him, neatly forgetting his involvement in the sordid affair with his infamous statement.

All in all, an amazing display. Reminiscent of George Bush's recent press conference with his haughty condescension and open dismissal of his critics. Also ironic given that Ned Lamont had been on the Al Franken show on Air America with Sam Seder this afternoon. The contrast between the confident and assured Lamont and the unhinged Joe Lieberman really did beg the question of who seemed more senatorial. On this day Ned Lamont won handily.

posted by Steve @ 12:05:00 AM

12:05:00 AM

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