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Monday, March 20, 2006

Cowards and liars and drunks oh my

Christopher Hitchens

Crooked Timber has this up.

There Can Be Only One…Wanker

Posted by Belle Waring

Normally we hoity-toity academic types around here don’t stoop so low as to name a wanker of the day. And this isn’t even from today. Nevertheless, this cries out for wankegnition (that’s when you recongnize someone as a wanker, obvs). Vote for your favorite in comments

Contestant Number One: Christopher Hitchens

1. Did you support the invasion of Iraq?

Yes: I was an advocate before the fact, not a supporter.

2. Have you changed your position?

Not in the least: I wish only that Saddam had not been able to rely upon Russian and French protection and the influence of oil-for-food racketeers and other political scum.

3. What should the U.S. do in Iraq now?

The United States and its allies should continue to stand for federal democracy, while making Iraq a killing-field for jihadists and fascists and a training ground for an army that will need to intervene again in other failed state/rogue state contexts.

God, what an incredible wanker he is.

Contestant Number Two: Glenn Reynolds

1. Did you support the invasion of Iraq?


2. Have you changed your position?

No. Sanctions were failing and Saddam was a threat, making any other action in the region impossible.

3. What should the U.S. do in Iraq now?


You know what would have made this even better? If he had said “heh.”

Finally, Contestant Number Three: Louis Rossetto

1. Did you support the invasion of Iraq?

Yes, both the one that didn’t happen in 1991 and the one that did in 2003. But Iraq is not the war, it is a battle. The war is The Long War against Islamic fascism.

2. Have you changed your position?

If anything, I believe even more strongly in actively combating Islamic fascism throughout the Global Village. Everyday is Groundhog Day for the anti-war movement, which is stuck re-protesting Vietnam — while we are confronted by a uniquely 21st century challenge: a networked fascist movement of super-empowered individuals trying to undo 50K years of social evolution. Waiting to get hit by an NBC weapon is not an option. Dhimmitude for me or my children is not peace. Righteous forward defense is a necessity.

3. What should the U.S. do in Iraq now?

The US should persevere militarily until we defeat the fascists in Iraq, as we did in Afghanistan, as we must everywhere. The US’s biggest failure has not been on the battlefield — where we are relentlessly reducing our enemies — but in waging media war against the Islamists and their fellow travelers on the Left, and in rallying the American people, who are confused, and perhaps angered, that once again we are being called upon to save the world.

Wow. That’s just—wow. Total hero stuff.

So, go and vote! Show your work. I think I’ll have to go with Rossetto, because the networked fascist movement of super-empowered individuals put him over the top. It’s a tough decision, though.

I always thought Rossetto was an asshole, this now proves it. I mean he didn't figure out that most dotcoms were a scam until he cashed out. So how many of his relatives are in Iraq

The idiocy on display here is amusing, or would be if 10 year old kids weren't watching their dad dragged off by the cops as a price. These people want to relive World War II and that is fantasy.

Glenn Reynolds, expects us to win? How, with a fleet of Vulcan armed unicorns? It's their country. Hitchens, bouncing from drunken stupor to DT's, doesn't realize his Iraqi friends are mostly short-sighted crooks hated by most other Iraqis.

I swear to God, I'd like to teach these people real history, so they can stop with this Islamofascism bullshit.

posted by Steve @ 12:01:00 AM

12:01:00 AM

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